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In The News – The Best Fonts for Ebook Readers, According to Book and Typeface Designers

In The News – Articles Of Interest For Authors Did you know that you can customize the fonts in your eBook readers? It can really make a big difference in reducing eye fatigue and providing a more enjoyable reading experience. Lifehacker‘s Patrick Allan shares which are the best fonts to use. ~ * ~ The […]

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Quick Links: How to Prepare for Self-Publishing: Ebook Formatting

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. This is the next in a series of posts about self-publishing from Digital Publishing News. Catherine Dunn talks about some basic formatting hints and things to look out for. If you have a question or problem with preparing your manuscript for eBook […]

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Price target

What Is The Best Price For An Ebook?

BooksGoSocial has a great post about pricing for self publishing authors. Please note that this a business blog. I have no affiliation with them and am not endorsing their services since I have no experience with them, but agree with Laurence O’Bryan‘s take on optimal pricing. It is a really good read and matches my […]

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Industrial 3D Letter

Amazon Is An Evil Sith Lord, and Other Dumb Arguments Against Doing Business With Amazon

Wow, over on The Digital Reader, Nate Hoffelder comes out swinging against The Writer’s Workshop article Darth Amazon  – or – Why Amazon Is An Evil Sith Lord, And Apple Is Luke Skywalker by David Lieder. You know what? Nate is correct.  Both Amazon and Apple are big companies and suffer from the issues that […]

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How Indie Authors Can Use Preorders to Crack the Bestseller Lists

Today’s post is by Mark Coker, off of the Publishers Weekly website, on November 20, 2015.  He discuses how self publishing authors can use preorders to boost their rankings and be a part of a good marketing plan. ~ * ~ Imagine you could press a magic button that would make your next book launch […]

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People Are Not Reading The e-Books They Buy Anymore

This post by Michael Kozlowski originally appeared on Good E Reader on 9/20/15. Are people reading the e-books they purchase from companies such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Kobo? There is growing research data that is supporting the notion that people are not reading the digital titles they buy online and for the most […]

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A Manifesto For The Future Of The Book

This post by Tom Abba originally appeared on Futurebook on 8/27/15. How easy it is to keep replicating the same old same old. Want to stop replicating print in digital? “Lock your marketing department away for six months,” advises narrative theory specialist Tom Abba in today’s manifesto. Lamenting, as do many others, the “books under […]

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Shocking WSJ Discovery: Higher Prices=Lower Volume!

This piece by Barry Eisler originally appeared as a guest post on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing on 8/4/15. Barry Eisler here. Joe, thanks as always for the guest slot. I was going to mock this Wall Street Journal article somewhere, and there’s no better place than A Newbie’s Guide for that… So okay, today […]

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Millennials 'Least Likely to Buy E-books'

This post by Charlotte Eyre originally appeared on The Bookseller on 6/24/15. Millennials are less likely to purchase e-books than any other age group, with 63% of 16-24 year-olds saying they have never bought one, according to a report from Deloitte. For its Media Consumer Report 2015, Deloitte surveyed 2,000 UK consumers about their media […]

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On Established Authors Singing The Praises Of Self-publishing

This post by Alan Baxter originally appeared on his Warrior Scribe site on 6/1/15. Let me start this piece with the following: I have no problem with any method of publishing. Whatever works for you and gets you the results you want is great. I’m a hybrid author – I’ve self-published in the past, I […]

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New Barnes and Noble CEO Will Kill NooK

This post by Michael Kozlowski originally appeared on GoodEreader on 7/3/15. Barnes and Noble has lost over one billion dollars on trying to make the Nook brand into a viable business model. Since 2009 the largest bookseller in the US has gone through two CEO’s and has just announced they have hired their third, Ron […]

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Kindle Royalty Payment Changes Roundup

Amazon has recently announced a major overhaul of how it will calculate royalties to be paid on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select Lending Library borrows. Since most authors seem perplexed at how the new system works, and will affect them, here’s a roundup of reactions from people who’ve done some analysis. Over on the Melville […]

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New Struggles in Self-Publishing

This post by David Farland originally appeared on his site on 6/23/15. I hesitate to mention problems with self-publishing. In some genres, such as romance or self-help books, the industry is doing great. But for those who are trying to sell fiction, it seems that the markets are contracting, and it appears that things will […]

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New ARKANE covers

On Changing Book Titles And Covers: My Own Experience And How You Can Do It Too

This post by Joanna Penn originally appeared on her The Creative Penn site on 4/28/15. I’ve just been through a massive rebranding process: re-titling and re-covering the first 3 books in my ARKANE series, and updating the back matter for all the other books. A hefty amount of work! Here’s why and how, just in […]

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Kindle’s New Bookerly Font and Other Typography Features

This post by Joel Friedlander originally appeared on his The Book Designer on 6/22/15. Many ebook readers—and not just us typography nerds and designers, either—have complained about the limited font set provided with the major e-readers. Considering the vast sums that have been spent on developing these devices, it’s always seemed odd to me that […]

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