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Hello, my name is

Hi, I’m not April (but I play one on TV)

Hello! First, I am so very excited and grateful for the opportunity to run Publetariat. I have long admired April, especially her passion to champion indie authors. You should know I’m not April. April is like the really cool professor you could ask anything about and would occasionally see burning her bra at protests. I […]

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Passing the Publetariat Torch

It’s Publetariat founder, April L. Hamilton here. When I founded Publetariat way back in 2008 it was because in all the online writer groups I knew of at the time, “self publishing” was a dirty word. Indie authors were openly mocked and shunned at worst, snickered at behind their backs at best. I wanted to […]

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Copyright for all content contributed to Publetariat is held by the respective contributor. While site design constraints mean that “Publetariat” is listed as the post creator of every post on the site, author / contributor names are included in the text of each individual post. Site design copyright Publetariat 2008 – 2015. All Publetariat site […]

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If you have any questions or comments about the site in general, you can use the form on the Contact Page or email Editor in Chief Paula Reichwald directly at I would love to hear from you.

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About Publetariat

Publetariat was founded by April L. Hamilton, and its mission is to share articles, editorials and advice from experts in writing, journalism, editing, book design, publishing in both hardcopy and electronic formats, book marketing and promotion, web design, podcasting, video trailer creation, author services and social media – all topics of great interest and grave […]

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