Hi, I’m not April (but I play one on TV)

Hello, my name is
Hello, my name is Paula

Hello! First, I am so very excited and grateful for the opportunity to run Publetariat. I have long admired April, especially her passion to champion indie authors.

You should know I’m not April. April is like the really cool professor you could ask anything about and would occasionally see burning her bra at protests. I am more like the buddy who will fix your computer and then join you down at the pub for a beer, (or cup of tea) to explore esoteric thought as well as the score of the last game.

We will all miss April here, and I encourage you to drop over to her other sites and say “Hi”. The links are on the right side. I hope that I can provide some of what April did, but also some different skills and more importantly, I hope you can help us to grow with the skills you have. Perhaps we can grow together.

I won’t be doing any big changes at first. However, I will be asking for your feedback and help on where you would like to see this site grow.  My vision is to make this into a community. An independent place, where writers can come grab a seat and be with other writers.

Please drop me a line at paula@publetariat.com and let me know your thoughts, wishes, ideas, links or even to just say “Hello”.

Any NaNoWriMo’s out there? Hook up with me on the NaNoWriMo site – Paula1849.

I can’t wait to get to meet you!

Passing the Publetariat Torch

It’s Publetariat founder, April L. Hamilton here.

When I founded Publetariat way back in 2008 it was because in all the online writer groups I knew of at the time, “self publishing” was a dirty word. Indie authors were openly mocked and shunned at worst, snickered at behind their backs at best. I wanted to provide a safe and useful online haven, where self publishers could feel welcome and empowered, know they were part of a nascent—but important—movement and growing community, and have access to the kinds of information and resources they needed most.

Since then, indie authorship has gone mainstream. The majority of established, traditional authors and publishers have now come to view self-publication as a legitimate option, and at times a smarter business choice than going the mainstream route.

Guy Kawasaki and Joanna Penn (one of Publetariat’s earliest supporters and contributors) have brought the role of authorpreneur into focus as a realistic career option.

Artist-technicians like Joel Friedlander have generously shared all they know in the areas of book design, fonts, layout, ebook formatting and more to help self-publishers create a finished product that can hold its own against the most highbrow mainstream published book.

The hybrid publishing model has emerged to place indie authorship and mainstream publication side by side on a more level playing field, the explosion of social media has provided authors and would-be authors with more direct access to their fans and prospective readership than ever before, and indie boosters like Dana Lynn Smith have stepped up to teach authors the internet marketing ropes.

Publetariat needs to evolve, to better address the sea change in indie authorship and the many new issues, opportunities and challenges indie authors now face. However, since I’ve spent the last few years redirecting my focus toward a career more specifically in tech and tech blogging, I am not the best person to guide Publetariat into the future. Paula Reichwald will now take the helm.

I’ve known Paula for nearly twenty years, and in that time she’s become my closest friend. She also happens to be an experienced web developer, software engineer, a WordPress, CSS and ebook formatting expert, and she’s pretty darned handy with digital graphics too. On top of all that, she’s a blogger and a NaNoWriMo veteran with a passion for books and authors.

I know I’m leaving Publetariat in more than capable hands, and I look forward to seeing Publetariat continue to grow and change with its readers under new leadership.

Keep writing, keep publishing, and keep your dreams alive.
– April L. Hamilton

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