This post by Tiffanie Wen originally appeared on The Atlantic on 4/16/15. The emotional appeal of listening In my all-time favorite episode of Radiolab, “Finding Emilie,” a young art student named Emilie Gossiaux gets into a terrible accident while riding her bike and, rendered blind and deaf, is unable to communicate with her loved ones […]


Social Media Without Draining Your Day

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This post by W. Terry Whalin originally appeared on TWJ Magazine. How in the world, have I tweeted more than seventeen thousand times? Yes, that is an accurate accounting of my activity on Twitter. First, I was an early adapter and have been on twitter for seven or eight years. While there are times when […]


9 Tips for Writing an Insane Character

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This post by Tiana Warner originally appeared on Indies Unlimited on 9/30/14. Nothing beats a good insane character. They’re unpredictable, obsessive, totally spellbinding … and hard to write. Their arcs and motivations can differ completely from ordinary characters. Saying you’re going to write an insane character, however, is like going to a steakhouse and ordering […]


Setting Up A Book Tour

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This post by Trish Nicholson originally appeared on The Writer’s ABC Checklist on 4/16/15. A book tour is an excellent way for you to increase the exposure of your book, to meet potential readers, and to make many useful contacts for the future. It can also be fun. Even if you have a publisher, they […]


The 10 Commandments Of Authorial Self-Promotion

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This post by Chuck Wendig originally appeared on his terribleminds site on 4/15/15. Note that it contains strong language. *wheezes while stumbling down a mountain carrying ten stone tablets* *dumps stone tablets on the ground and most of them break* *coughs for like, 40 minutes* OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE. WHY DO PEOPLE WRITE COMMANDMENTS ON […]


Top 105 Blogs and Websites for Writers and Authors

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This post by Hiten Vyas originally appeared on e-Books India on 4/13/15. Are you a creative writer looking to improve your skills? Maybe you’re a beginner novelist looking to pen your first book. You might be a blogger wondering how to make more money from your blog. Whatever type of writer you are, the Internet […]


This article by Austin Siegemund-Broka originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter on 4/14/15. The plaintiff in the case is a self-published author. The author of a 2006 novel has accused the ‘Avengers’ director and ‘Cabin’ director Drew Goddard of stealing his idea. With just weeks until his box-office victory lap for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Joss Whedon […]


What Is A Story?

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This post by David Baboulene originally appeared on his The Science of Story on 11/3/14. When I first started my research degree in story theory, the thing that surprised me most was that there is no single definition for the term ‘story’. At least, not one that all the authorities agree, and certainly not one […]


This post by K.M. Weiland originally appeared on her Helping Writers Become Authors site on 3/29/15. You may have heard of these little darlings called “Pinch Points.” Of all the important structural moments in your story, they’re the most likely to be neglected. They get lost amidst all the excited chatter about their bigger, flashier […]


A Reply to Larry Correia [from George RR Martin]

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This post by George R.R. Martin originally appeared on his blog on 4/13/15. I am just about blogged out on the whole Puppygate thing, having devoted half a dozen posts and thousands of words to it over the past few days. However, Larry Correia responded to some of those posts on his own blog, MONSTER […]


7 Lessons Learned from Publishing 300 Guest Posts

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This post by Neil Patel originally appeared on Quicksprout on 4/13/15. Over the last three years, I’ve ramped up the amount of content I create. Not only do I blog three times a week on Quick Sprout and a few times a week on my personal blog, but I also write guest posts all over […]


My Haters, Myself: Mastering The Art Of The Haterbrag.

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This post by Amanda Hess originally appeared on Slate on 4/13/15. Jennifer Weiner has sold millions of books, spent a combined five years on the New York Times best-seller list, and amassed 109,000 followers on Twitter. Last week, she descended into the basement of New York City’s Ace Hotel to share a handful of her […]


Making the Leap Into Freelance Copy Editing

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This article by Jessica Eggert originally appeared on American Journalism Review on 4/9/15. When Jim Thomsen found out he was going to lose his position as a copy editor at the Kitsap Sun, a daily newspaper in Bremerton, Washington, he said that it was the blackest period of his life. “I couldn’t figure out what […]


This essay by Sam Allingham originally appeared on The Millions on 4/7/15. In today’s publishing world, it pays to be a doomsayer. We have an inexhaustible appetite for reports of literature’s demise. Go ahead, dust off that article on how the novel is dead for the thousandth time — only make sure you add that […]


How to Deal With Writing Distractions

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This post by Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen originally appeared on The Adventurous Writer. These tips for dealing with distractions as a writer are inspired by a parable about James Joyce, and will help you develop the productivity of a writer like Stephen King. Learning how to deal with writing distractions isn’t just about turning off the internet […]