How The Sad Puppies Won — By Losing

Posted August 30, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Tasha Robinson originally appeared on NPR on 8/26/15. “We smacked the Sad Puppies with a rolled-up newspaper,” said a woman on the shuttle bus between hotels at WorldCon in Spokane, Wash., on Sunday night. “It’s the only way to teach them.” The presentation for the 2015 Hugo Awards had ended an hour […]


I Smell Your Rookie Moves, New Writers

Posted August 26, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Chuck Wendig originally appeared on his terribleminds site on 8/26/15. Warning: strong language. I am occasionally in a place where I read work by new writers. Sometimes this is at cons or conferences. Sometimes it’s in the sample of work that’s free online or a fragment from a self-published work. Sometimes I […]


The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t

Posted August 24, 2015 By Publetariat

This article by Steven Johnson originally appeared on The New York Times Magazine site on 8/19/15. In the digital economy, it was supposed to be impossible to make money by making art. Instead, creative careers are thriving — but in complicated and unexpected ways. On July 11, 2000, in one of the more unlikely moments […]


Science Fiction Is Really, Really White

Posted August 23, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Jennings Brown originally appeared on Vocativ on 8/21/15. The Hugo Awards, science fiction’s most prestigious prize, are just around the corner. A Vocativ analysis of the nominees and winners shows it’s almost all white people The 2015 Hugo Awards, celebrating the year’s best works of science fiction and fantasy, will be held […]


RIP Authonomy

Posted August 19, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Greta van der Rol originally appeared on her site on 8/20/15. Somebody told me on Facebook today that Harper Collins is shutting down its online slushpile, Authonomy, on 30th September 2015. Authonomy. That brought back some memories. Harper Collins started the site in 2007/8 and soon thousands of aspiring hopefuls swelled the […]


How to Find an Editor as a Self-Published Author

Posted August 18, 2015 By Publetariat

This post originally appeared on Jane Friedman’s site on 8/18/15. In today’s guest post, indie author Teymour Shahabi explains how to find an editor for the draft of your self-published book and what to look for in an editing relationship. – – – – – In traditional publishing, submitting your draft to an editor is […]


This post by Joanna Penn originally appeared on her The Creative Penn site on 8/13/15. Your website is one of the most important things to get sorted if you’re taking your career as an author seriously. It’s your home on the internet and the hub for your books. It’s how readers, agents, publishers, journalists, bloggers […]


Why Did the FBI Spy on James Baldwin?

Posted August 16, 2015 By Publetariat

This article by Hannah K. Gold originally appeared on The Intercept on 8/15/15. James Baldwin’s FBI file contains 1,884 pages of documents, collected from 1960 until the early 1970s. During that era of illegal surveillance of American writers, the FBI accumulated 276 pages on Richard Wright, 110 pages on Truman Capote, and just nine pages […]


Revenge of the Reviewed

Posted August 12, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Aeryn Rudel originally appeared on Rejectomancy on 7/31/15. Note: strong language. You’ve passed the first hurdle, getting your work published, and now it’s out there in the wild, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other purveyors of fine literature. You’ve made it. Rejection is a thing of the past, a bad […]


Improve your Work Space, Increase your Productivity

Posted August 11, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Marie Leslie originally appeared on her site on 6/10/13. Do you start your work day with the best of intentions–and then find, hours later, you’ve gotten nothing done? Your problem just might be your desk. If you improve your work space, you can also improve your productivity. For most people, your desk […]


Can Digital Community Support Writing, Really?

Posted August 10, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Porter Anderson originally appeared on Futurebook on 8/7/15. Not unlike climate change, it’s something that digital-age writers worry about, but can’t nail down. I’m not sure what effect the accepting warmth of digital communities has on our literature. I don’t think encouraging people can make bad writing suddenly appeal to the masses. […]


This post by Catherine Nichols originally appeared on Jezebel on 8/4/15. The plan made me feel dishonest and creepy, so it took me a long time to send my novel out under a man’s name. But each time I read a study about unconscious bias, I got a little closer to trying it. I set […]


S.A. Hunt: The Fine Art of Building People

Posted August 7, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by S.A. Hunt originally appeared as a guest post on Chuck Wendig’s terribleminds on 8/6/15. And now, a guest post by a fella named S.A. Hunt, who is a cracking author you probably aren’t reading. His newest is Malus Domestica — I just opened this book up the other day thinking I’d just […]


Rejectomancy In Words And Numbers

Posted August 4, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Alan Baxter originally appeared on his Warrior Scribe site on 7/8/15. There’s been a lot of talk online lately about rejectomancy. For those who don’t know, rejectomancy is the dark art of turning rejection into motivation and positive reinforcement. It’s a kind of bloody-minded alchemy of will. As Kate Heartfield wrote for […]


How to Use the Passive Voice Correctly

Posted August 2, 2015 By Publetariat

This post by Kimberly Joki originally appeared on the Grammarly Blog. The passive voice is a misunderstood entity in the world of writing. It is unfairly judged by many authors. Some writers, without taking the time to get to know this grammatical structure, avoid it at all costs. Others use it ineffectively because they do […]