Author – know thyself!

Knowing who you are can really help you as an author. This is not some new age granola thing.  It’s about ways to hack yourself into doing better. For example I am not a morning person, ever. I need to finish my coffee at a slow relaxed pace before I can talk. Knowing this, I […]

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Man walks up the steps

What to do when you don’t know what to do.

Sometimes you get discouraged and feel like you are not getting anywhere with your writing. Perhaps like the rest of us, life happens. It can be really easy to be discouraged by the events going on around you and then something else happens on top of it just because. My best friend passed away a […]

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Quick Link: Publishing Industry Cults, Weaponized Amazon Reviews, and Organized Cyberbullying

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. Anne R. Allen from the Anne R. Allen’s Blog… with Ruth Harris has a great post on the darker side of writing. It is worth checking out. ~ * ~ Publishing Industry Cults, Weaponized Amazon Reviews, and Organized Cyberbullying By Anne R. […]

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Three babies sitting indoors holding hands

The care and feeding of a blog or social media.

When a client comes to me and asks about starting a blog or what type of social media they should use, I give them what information they need for their particular situation but then I always add a caveat. “No matter what you choose, be prepared. It is like having a baby. You have to […]

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Kid singing and playing guitar at home

Quick Link: 4 Ways To Develop The Unique Voice Of Your Character

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. Once you get your own voice as a writer down, you need to then work on the voices of your characters. Their voice helps to define their personality in the reader’s mind. Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn has some great tips […]

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Cars race, start and finish concept

When did you know you were a writer?

I wrote my first story in Mrs. Brosnan’s class in first grade. It was about Enormous the frog. He was an adventure frog and not a sissy frog but he rocked some serious red nail polish.  At least that is when my mother decided I was a writer. Hi mom. For me being a story […]

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What if Wes Anderson made S’mores? A little fun for your Monday : )

#FoodFilms reimagines recipe videos in the style of famous directors. The others in the series: What if Tarantino made Spaghetti & Meatballs? What if Michael Bay made Waffles? What if Alfonso Cuaron made pancakes?

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hand holds book of best practice

Quick Link: The Best Writing Practice: Why You Need to Practice Differently

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. A great article by Sue Weems at The Write Practice! Learn how to focus on areas that you really need to improve on in order to get the most from your writing. ~ * ~ The Best Writing Practice: Why You Need […]

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Why it is good to be different but also very scary!

I compare myself to more successful people all the time. I wish I could write as well as Niel Gaiman, write as humorously as Terry Pratchett, or as descriptively as Steven King. In some ways this is normal. We want to see if we match up and how good we are compared to other people. […]

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Women’s fashions through history

Need some inspiration for how women dressed throughout history? User Q1s2e3 at Imgur has a fantastic graphic of women’s fashion in every year from 1784-1970.

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Quick Link: From an Engineer to an Author, I Find These Writing Tips Really Helpful

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. Hey, another engineer who transition to being an author! Leon Ho, who is the Founder and CEO of Lifehack, shares his tips on how to hack your writing skills. There is hope for me yet! ~ * ~ From an Engineer to […]

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Am I the only one who has fantasized about living in a library and why do you write the genre you do?

I love reading and I suspect most of you do too. It is all about the stories, right? Whether zombie apocalypse, plague, end-of-the-world-whatever, I am hauling my happy ass to a library! I would spend so much time reading everything and eating apples. The act of reading is itself a pleasure. While I have genres […]

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Just because, here is a video of an baby elephant throwing a tantrum

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Do you like Classic Comic Books? Do you like Free?

This is totally legal, totally legit. Ok, so you won’t find any new Marvel or DC comics, these are all classics that are in the public domain now. But still free comics! Head on over to Comic Book Plus to check it out!

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Not my car.

Quick Link: Keeping Organized as a Writer

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. Being a pantser comes very easily for me. Finding a story to write and filling out a general plot is never hard. But all the rest of the structure and details and the finer points that make a story worth sharing is […]

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