Fun, fun, fun! How well do you know literary Britain?

So lets take a break and have some fun! TravelZoo has a fun little game that has you match up 11 British literary greats with their location. How well can you do? I did horrible, only 18% I am totally embarrassed to admit! I panicked! Hopefully you can do better. Let me know how well […]

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Stack Of Books Flying From Computer Shows Online Learning

Start Strong or Lose Your Readers

Over on DigitalBookWorld, Andrew Rhomberg has some interesting data about reader habits. The really interesting takeaway is that you have about 50 – 100 pages to get your reader hooked. I am curious if this is different from paper books? I would think so. With eBooks it is so easy to delete the file off […]

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Time cube

When to Give Up On Your Work-in-Progress (and When to Keep Going)

Here is something I think everyone struggles with, especially since writing is so fluid. You can always edit and rewrite, so when do you stop and move to another story that has more potential? Over on Aliventures, Ali has some good guidelines on how to deal with writing indecision.  How do you decide what to […]

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Money concept

Opportunities for Writers: February and March 2016

Hey there are opportunities for just about everyone at Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.  Apply for American Library in Paris Visiting Fellowship because who wouldn’t want money to go to PARIS!!! and write, along with more down to earth opportunities from Readers Digest. So if you are looking to expand your horizons or earn a little cold […]

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Comments have been updated

In continuing to try and make this blog better, I am trying to balance between open communication and some of the problems that plagued Publetariat before.  With that said, I have updated the way comments work. You will still have to log in, but you can use a couple of different methods to do so […]

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Parent and child parking sign

How To Write When You’re A Parent

This post hits home in a big way. And my kids are not little, in fact they are quite big. But it is almost 11 pm and I have spent over 2 hours helping my son with AP Chem before coming here to post. On Writer’s Digest, Danielle Campoamor gives good advice to all of us on […]

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Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling Problem

Top 10 Confused English Words [U-Z]

Over on Daily Writing Tips, Maeve Maddox (what a great name!) gives us her top 10 confused English words, the final chapter. I have to admit that growing up in Massachusetts weather / whether were difficult for me because they both sounded like “wheatha”. I had the same problem with father and farther. What are your […]

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Feedback Puzzle Shows Satisfaction Surveys

Get Your First 10 Pages Critiqued by an Agent — Next Agent One-on-One Boot Camp Starts February 18, 2016

Hey the next Agent One-on-One Boot Camp called “Your First 10 Pages.”  is coming up! You have until February 18, 2016 to sign up. Head on over to the Writer’s Digest site and get the details from Chuck Sambuchino. This is a good resource even if you don’t plan on looking for a literary agent. […]

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Your ISBN: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Today’s featured link is from the Bookbaby Blog by Steven Spatz who provides answers to a lot of common questions about the International Standard Book Number or ISBN numbers.  It is a pretty comprehensive offering and helps demystify the topic. ~ * ~ Of all the mysteries surrounding the process of self publishing, the book […]

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Peace and friendship concept

The Singular They is Now Officially Correct

So have you heard? According to the Washington Post and other sources,  you now don’t have to worry about awkward he/she him/her sentences but can now use the gender neutral they/them. Dave Bricker on The World’s Greatest Book has the details in his post dated January 21, 2016. I personally am a fan, although it will […]

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Robot with WWW sign. Website building or repair concept

Author Websites: Part Two – Hosts With The Most!

In Part One of Author Websites – The Domain Name Game! we talked about buying a domain. The next step is deciding what type of host to use that works for your particular situation. Below you find the different options with the pro and cons of each. Social media pages Examples – Facebook, Instagram Pros […]

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Excuses File Contains Reasons And Scapegoats

Stop Making Excuses And Write A Book

Today’s post is from the Bookbaby Blog, dated January 19, 2016 by Jim Dempsey.  In the post Jim, analyzes the excuses we make for not starting to write your book, or edit it, or in my case finish it. It is a good read, so check it out and let me know what you think […]

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Industrial 3D Letter

Amazon Is An Evil Sith Lord, and Other Dumb Arguments Against Doing Business With Amazon

Wow, over on The Digital Reader, Nate Hoffelder comes out swinging against The Writer’s Workshop article Darth Amazon  – or – Why Amazon Is An Evil Sith Lord, And Apple Is Luke Skywalker by David Lieder. You know what? Nate is correct.  Both Amazon and Apple are big companies and suffer from the issues that […]

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Publishing contract

Considering Self-Publishing? You Might Want to Do This First

On The Write Life, Chuck Sambuchino gives his thoughts on the traditional versus self-publishing options for writers and why he thinks authors should try traditional publishing first.  Do you agree with him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. ~ * ~ Considering Self-Publishing? You Might Want to Do This First There are different […]

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sign direction PROBLEMS-SOLUTIONS made in 3d software

9 Ways to Stop Your Novel from Stalling

How are your writing resolutions coming? To be perfectly honest mine are having some difficulty. Sometimes life… happens. The important thing is to get back to priorities. Tracey Barnes Priestley on Writer’s Digest talks about ways to get your momentum back.  Dated January 5, 2016. ~ * ~ I would be willing to wager that most […]

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