This post by Mike Shatzkin originally appeared on The Shatzkin Files on 7/15/14. Harvard Business Review published an article recently by Benjamin Edelman called “Mastering the Intermediaries” which gives advice to businesses trying to avoid some of the consequences of audience aggregation and control by an intermediary. The article was aimed at restaurants who don’t [… Read More]


This article by Anna North originally appeared on The New York Times Opinion Pages on 7/21/14. Writers may always have worried about money, but now seems a particularly fertile time for writing about it. Scratch Magazine, launched last year, takes as its purview “Writing + money + life.” The Billfold routinely runs stories on how freelance [… Read More]


This post originally appeared on on 7/17/14. A subversive website has been launched to keep track of news and other webpages Google has “censored” from the search engine’s index, following the European Court of Justice’s controversial Right to be Forgotten ruling. The tech giant has reportedly been inundated with 70,000 requests to remove sensitive [… Read More]


10 Alternatives to Goodreads

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This post by Lysa Grant originally appeared on Self-Publishing Review on 7/14/14. This post is an addendum to Author Directory Sites: The Complete List. If you’re just looking for library/catalog sites, here you go. There’s no reason to stop at Goodreads, even if it is the biggest and most used. Well, let me amend that. [… Read More]


12 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Get Noticed

Posted July 17, 2014 By Publetariat

This post by Jodie Renner originally appeared on The Kill Zone on 7/14/14. I don’t know about you, but I can’t possibly get to all the blogs I’d like to in any given day. We’re all busy people, so we want to know within seconds whether a blog post will offer anything of value to [… Read More]


Paying Writers What they Deserve

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This post by Hugh Howey originally appeared on his site on 7/12/14. Traditional Publishing is no Longer Fair or Sustainable. This was the sad but accurate headline in The Guardian this week. It followed a report on author income from the ALCS, the results of which led Nicola Solomon, head of the UK’s Society of Authors to declare: [… Read More]


This post by Jane Friedman originally appeared on her site on 7/15/14. This past weekend, I attended the World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland, which attracts 3,000 creative people who are concerned with answering the question: “How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?” They are guided by three values: 1. Community [… Read More]


This post by Dennis Blanchard originally appeared on the K1YPP blog on 7/10/14. I love to read. For some reason, as a young reader, I missed many of the classics. I’ve made up for lost time over the years by “catching up.” Books like The Catcher In The Rye, Of Mice And Men, White Fang [… Read More]


“I’ll Do It Myself!”

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This post by Kate Siegel Bandos originally appeared on San Francisco Book Review on 6/26/14. Those of us who were raised with classic nursery rhymes and stories know it was The Little Red Hen who said, “I’ll do it myself…and she did.” ( Also, anyone who has been around a two-year-old may hear “I’ll do [… Read More]


Unlocking the Story-Box

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This post by Sophie Masson originally appeared on Writer Unboxed on 7/14/14. “Where do you get your ideas from?” It’s the classic question you nearly always get asked, as a writer, and there are always the classic answers to give back: something you’ve experienced, read about, observed; a place, a person, an overheard conversation, a [… Read More]