This post by Chuck Wendig originally appeared on his terribleminds site on 5/26/15. Warning: strong language. Said it before, will say it again: Mad Max: Fury Road is the dust-choked rocket-fueled orifice-clenching crank-mad feminist wasteland batfuck doomsday opera you didn’t know you needed. It’s like eating fireworks. It’s like being inside a rust tornado. It’s […]


This post by Jessica Bell originally appeared on the ALLi blog on 5/27/15. Book promotion expert Ben Cameron always says “writing the blurb is the hardest 100 words you’ll ever write”, and many authors are also stumped when it comes to writing the front and back matter – another task that usually falls just when […]


This post by Jodie Renner originally appeared on Killer Nashville on 5/21/15. Once you’ve got the first draft of your short story or novel down, it’s time to go back and reassess each scene to make sure the characters are engaging and the scene is as compelling as it can be. Besides advancing the storyline, […]


10 Things Authors Learn The Hard Way…

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This post by Diane Hall originally appeared on BDAILY on 5/25/15. Writing workshops and books, professional advice, even Google, won’t answer every question an author may have. Some knowledge can only be gained by personal experience. The following list stems from genuine reports by authors I’ve either spoken to or worked with, across the globe. […]


Kindle Scout

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This post by Polly Iyer originally appeared on The Blood-Red Pencil on 5/20/15. My book, Indiscretion, has been on Amazon’s Kindle Scout program for an entire week as of today. It’s been on and off the “Hot and Trending” list, which I guess is natural. This is measured by how many people read the sample […]


Science Fiction Is for Slackers

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This post by Jacob Brogan originally appeared on Slate on 5/26/15. It would be a mistake to say that science fiction as such is “about” laziness—no genre reducible to such a singular point of significance can flower long—but it is uncommonly good at animating fantasies about avoiding labor. On a desert planet baked by two […]


On The Length Of A Story

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This post by Alan Baxter originally appeared on his Warrior Scribe site on 5/22/15. Warning: strong language. There’s been a bit of to and fro via The Guardian recently about fantasy novels and short stories. Firstly Damien Walter wrote this pile of bollocks about how publishers need to stop encouraging big fat fantasy multi-book series. […]


Whose Game Are You Playing?

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This post by John Pettigrew originally appeared on Future Proofs on 5/4/15. We hear a lot about Amazon, the new giant in the playground. But Amazon may actually be the least of the industry’s problems, because they at least play by rules we recognise. There are plenty of other giants out there who are playing […]


How to Price Your Work on Amazon

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This post originally appeared on Writer’s Circle. So you’ve decided to publish a book on Amazon (and hopefully read our helpful guide for doing so). Before those pages hit the presses – or the Kindles – you’ll need to price your work on Amazon, and we’re here with a bit of advice on finding the […]


Avoid Holes In Your First Draft

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This post by Ksenia Anske originally appeared on her blog on 5/24/15. Warning: strong language. Boy, the things The Badlings is teaching me. I don’t know what it is about this book. Maybe it will be my watershed moment and I will look upon the chasm cleaved in my life, on one end of it […]


Do’s And Don’ts On Writing A Book Blurb

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This post by Nicholas C. Rossis originally appeared on his site on 5/2/15. The inspiration for this post came from a little gem I found on the Passive Guy’s Newsletter (if you aren’t already a subscriber, what are you waiting for? It’s free!). After some heavy editing, it ended up as this post. The original post came from […]


10 Odd Books That Will Improve Your Writing

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This podcast from Demian Farnworth originally appeared on You don’t have too look far to find a list of the best books a writer should read. This is a benefit for new writers, no doubt. Unfortunately, those of us who have been around for a number of years often own every book that tends […]


A Story of Three Authors (A Cautionary Tale)

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This post by Karen Dionne originally appeared on Pub Rants on 5/8/15. In a perfect world, every literary agent would be a fearless negotiator, working tirelessly to get the best possible book deals for his or her clients. But the world isn’t perfect. And sometimes an author’s career goes off the rails because their agent […]


Amazon Sues To Block Fake Reviews On Its Site

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This article by Jay Greene originally appeared on The Seattle Times on 4/8/15. sued three websites it accuses of purveying fake reviews, demanding that they stop the practice. The suit alleges that the glowing product evaluations they provide deceive consumers and harm the sellers on Amazon’s site who don’t game the system. The suit, […]


This post by Michelle Dean originally appeared on Flavorwire on 11/8/13. So here’s the thing: yesterday BuzzFeed Books named its new editor, a sometime friend of mine named Isaac Fitzgerald. I knew Isaac as the Managing Editor of a literary site known as The Rumpus, where I was a weekend editor for several months in 2012.  […]