Do’s And Don’ts On Writing A Book Blurb

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This post by Nicholas C. Rossis originally appeared on his site on 5/2/15. The inspiration for this post came from a little gem I found on the Passive Guy’s Newsletter (if you aren’t already a subscriber, what are you waiting for? It’s free!). After some heavy editing, it ended up as this post. The original post came from […]


10 Odd Books That Will Improve Your Writing

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This podcast from Demian Farnworth originally appeared on You don’t have too look far to find a list of the best books a writer should read. This is a benefit for new writers, no doubt. Unfortunately, those of us who have been around for a number of years often own every book that tends […]


A Story of Three Authors (A Cautionary Tale)

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This post by Karen Dionne originally appeared on Pub Rants on 5/8/15. In a perfect world, every literary agent would be a fearless negotiator, working tirelessly to get the best possible book deals for his or her clients. But the world isn’t perfect. And sometimes an author’s career goes off the rails because their agent […]


Amazon Sues To Block Fake Reviews On Its Site

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This article by Jay Greene originally appeared on The Seattle Times on 4/8/15. sued three websites it accuses of purveying fake reviews, demanding that they stop the practice. The suit alleges that the glowing product evaluations they provide deceive consumers and harm the sellers on Amazon’s site who don’t game the system. The suit, […]


This post by Michelle Dean originally appeared on Flavorwire on 11/8/13. So here’s the thing: yesterday BuzzFeed Books named its new editor, a sometime friend of mine named Isaac Fitzgerald. I knew Isaac as the Managing Editor of a literary site known as The Rumpus, where I was a weekend editor for several months in 2012.  […]


Welcome to the Shark Tank

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This post by Rachelle Gardner originally appeared on Books & Such on 5/5/15. If you’re a writer trying to wrap your mind around the business end of publishing, I hope you’re watching ABC’s Shark Tank.  The show has nothing to do with publishing. But it has everything to do with understanding exactly what you’re doing […]


Why Hong Kong Is Clamping Down On Creative Writing

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This post by Madeleine Thien originally appeared on The Guardian on 5/18/15. The decision to close City University’s MFA programme is plainly intended to limit free expression – showing just how vital it is Last month, City University of Hong Kong abruptly shut down its MFA programme in creative writing. During Occupy Central – the […]


This post by Matt Diederichs originally appeared on the Hootsuite blog in 4/15. You see the hashtags on Twitter every week: #SBizHour, #MediaChat, #CMGRHangout, and on and on. These tags refer to Twitter chats, one of the best examples of community building on Twitter. Using a shared hashtag, users meet at a pre-determined time to […]


S&S Tries Geo-Targeting in New Marketing Outreach

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This post by Calvin Reid originally appeared on Publishers Weekly on 5/13/15. In the latest effort to enhance book discovery, Simon & Schuster is partnering with mobile content delivery service Foli to offer customers complimentary access to a selection of full-text e-books in airports, museums and hotels around the country. Beginning May 15, David McCullough’s […]


This post by Joanna Penn originally appeared on her The Creative Penn on 5/10/15. Crowdfunding is becoming ever more popular with creatives to raise fund for various projects. But when is it a good idea for an author? In this interview with author, poet and creative coach, Orna Ross, we go into her love of […]


You Pays Your Money and You Takes Your Chances

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This post by John E. McIntyre originally appeared on The Baltimore Sun on 5/7/15. Yesterday I tweeted: “ ‘Staunch the flow’? Am staunchly upholding a preference for ‘stanch.’ #amediting” Dai Hawkins, a regular and thoughtful reader, promptly pointed out that the history in the Oxford English Dictionary shows that the two words have been functionally […]


Author Websites, Blogs, and Book Sales Pages

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This post by Joel Friedlander originally appeared on his The Book Designer on 5/11/15. Last week Stephanie Chandler invited me to do a presentation for the Nonfiction Writer’s Conference, an online event featuring lots of speakers on topics of interest to self-publishers and nonfiction authors. The topic was “Essentials for Author Websites, Blogs and Book […]


Better Writing Through Tabletop RPGs

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This post by Claire Ryan originally appeared on her Raynfall blog on 5/9/15. Everyone asks, how can I become a better writer? The answers are usually something like: read more books in the genre you’re writing, write as much as you can, get feedback from other writers and readers. Yes, you should do all those […]


This post by Bob Mayer originally appeared on his Write on the River site on 5/5/15. I think Henry Ford uttered the famous line: Never complain, never explain. This applies in the writing world in several ways. One thing I do when critiquing material is ask a lot of questions. I tell writers, ‘You don’t […]