This post by Miral Sattar originally appeared on PBS Mediashift on 6/3/14. After a fantastic BEA (Book Expo America), I’ve been digesting the whole Amazon/Hachette battle. I’ve basically come to the conclusion that it’s an incredible time to be a self-published author. The first thing that surprised me is that so much has been misreported [… Read More]


Using Critical Reviews as Resources

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This post by Elizabeth Spann Craig originally appeared on her site on 10/24/14. Wired’s founding executive editor Kevin Kelly stated that if writers and other artists have “one thousand true fans” then they’re able to sustain a living from their art. I don’t honestly know how many true fans I have (and I prefer calling [… Read More]


The Problem of Entitlement: A Question of Respect

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This post by Steve Almond originally appeared on Poets & Writers on 8/20/14. This past spring I took a position as a visiting writer at a well-respected MFA program. My students were by and large intelligent and serious, but there were a few moments when I found them—what’s the word I’m looking for here—exasperating. One [… Read More]


3 Vital Questions to Build Website Impact

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This post by Donna K. Fitch originally appeared on D’Vorah Lansky’s Build A Business With Your Book. Why do you have a website? What a silly question. We have websites because we’re supposed to. Everyone else does, right? But a website without thought behind it, without intentionality, may be doing you more harm than good. [… Read More]


37 Reasons Why You Should Write A Book

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This post by John Kremer originally appeared on his Book Marketing Bestsellers site. The sooner your write a book, the better (for you and your business). You can certainly write a book within the next 60 days! Here are 37 reasons why you should write a book.   Make money. You can make money not [… Read More]


Two Important Publishing Facts Everyone Gets Wrong

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This post by Hugh Howey originally appeared on his site on 10/27/14. Almost everything being said about publishing today is predicated on two facts that are dead wrong. The first is that publishers are somehow being hurt by ebook sales. The second is that independent bookstores are being crushed. The opposite is true in both [… Read More]


Why Don’t Men Read Romance Novels?

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This post by Noah Berlatsky originally appeared on Pacific Standard on 10/23/14. A lot of men just don’t read fiction, and if they do, structural misogyny drives them away from the genre. • Why do women read romance novels? It’s a question that’s often been asked, explicitly or implicitly. Two groundbreaking 1980s studies, Janice Radway’s [… Read More]


How to Create an Audiobook with ACX

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This post by JD Smith originally appeared on Words With Jam on 9/23/14. ACX is a service provided by Amazon where authors can hook up with narrators and turn their book into an audio book for distribution through Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Up until this year the service was only available in the US, but [… Read More]


Blindness Basics For Authors

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This post by Melinda Primrose originally appeared on her Primrose Path site. Writing a blind character seems to be much harder than everyone thinks. There are many mistakes being made that I think a little research would go a long way to fixing. Most of the blind characters I’ve seen, either in books or in [… Read More]


Single Quotes or Double Quotes? It’s Really Quite Simple.

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This post by Andrew Heisel originally appeared on Slate on 10/21/14. If you are an American, using quotation marks could hardly be simpler: Use double quotation marks at all times unless quoting something within a quotation, when you use single. It’s different in the greater Anglosphere, where they generally use singles in books and doubles [… Read More]


This post by Anne R. Allen originally appeared on her blog on 9/9/12. Maybe you’ve got a novel finished and you’ve been sending out queries. Lots. And you’re getting rejections. Lots. Or worse, that slow disappointment of no response at all. Or maybe you write short fiction and poetry and you’ve got a bunch of [… Read More]


Let’s NOT Start At The Very Beginning

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This post by Lorraine Mace originally appeared on The Writer’s ABC Checklist on 1/29/13. This is going to be a novel approach to talking about writing a novel (excuse the pun). I’m calling in my alter ego, Frances di Plino, to guest post over the next few weeks on the subject. The reason I’m not [… Read More]


Things You Should Know When Writing About Guns

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This post by Chuck Wendig originally appeared on his terribleminds site on 10/14/14. Note that it contains strong language. [NOTE: The below post is not meant to be an endorsement for or a prohibition against guns in the real world in which we all live. It is a discussion of firearms in fiction. Keep comments [… Read More]


10 Things Every Writer Should Do

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This post by Karen Ball originally appeared on the Steve Laube Agency site on 4/16/14. I’m a list person. In part, that’s because said lists serve to bump my memory when it gets…um…lost. But I also just love lists—especially lists of things you should (or shouldn’t) do. So here, for your perusal, are my top [… Read More]


Time Travel and the Problem of Paradoxes

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This post by Graham Storrs originally appeared on momentum on 10/21/14. Graham Storrs joins us on the blog to discuss all things TIME TRAVEL. “Paradox is the poisonous flower of quietism, the iridescent surface of the rotting mind, the greatest depravity of all.” – Thomas Mann What, you’re not a quietist? Never mind, we’ll come [… Read More]