The cat cake that turns into a movie

The time that this must have taken and the artistry. I would never be able to take a bite! I would never get any work done but instead would spend my day watching my cake.

I swear, the horse is me today!

Time is such a funny thing

Stuff like this blows my mind. This is early film from 1929 that interviews people born in the early to mid 1800. They interview people who fought in the civil war.

Unbelievably Strange Planets in Space

Here is some inspiration for all the science fiction writers out there! Or people who just like cool science like me!



How well do you know typography?

Typography, fonts, serifs oh my! How well do you know different pop culture fonts? There is a cheat video linked below to see how you did.

Here is the link to the one with the answers –

A talking head channels his inner hero

I love David Byrne. He just seems like someone who is so comfortable in his skin and embraces himself in his own unique brand. He always appears to enthusiastically enjoy whatever he is doing.  I love David Bowie and am still sad about loosing him. Heroes is one of my favorite songs. It is about a couple trapped on either side of the Berlin Wall. Lastly, I love singing. If you can’t sing good, sing loud! Choir! Choir! Choir! is hard to describe. But they put on shows where they teach people to sing and then video tape them. Check the link out and see if you can figure them out better.

But this is a tape of Choir!Choir!Choir! working with David Byrne to sing Heroes by David Bowie.  I thought it would be a nice way to start off your week.

One persons trash is another persons library

In another post, I wrote about the concept of Jugaad – the art of making something out of nothing or making do with what you have. This amazing CNN story about garbage collectors Ankara, Turkey exemplifies the concept.

While on their routes, the garbage collectors started rescuing books from the trash. As word spread about what they were doing, residents just started donating books to them. Enough for them to open a library and even share titles with schools and even prisons. An old brick factory that the sanitation department owned was used as the library and now acts also as a community center where people gather. This is really a great story about what people can accomplish by working together.

Garbage collectors open library with abandoned books

Read the full post at CNN

I would love it and hug it and squeeze it and I would name it George…..

How cool is this! Except I don’t think they reallize we aren’t stupid enough to think that it is alive. But how wonderful would it be to never have to go under the knife but instead swallow a little robot.

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