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“And everything under the sun is in tune But the sun is eclipsed by the moon”

Today if you live in the (semi) United States you have an opportunity to witness a marvel of nature. While eclipses happen all the time, this is a rare one that most of this country gets to see at least part of. Are you going to watch? What an amazing event for a writer to […]

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Author – know thyself!

Knowing who you are can really help you as an author. This is not some new age granola thing.  It’s about ways to hack yourself into doing better. For example I am not a morning person, ever. I need to finish my coffee at a slow relaxed pace before I can talk. Knowing this, I […]

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Man walks up the steps

What to do when you don’t know what to do.

Sometimes you get discouraged and feel like you are not getting anywhere with your writing. Perhaps like the rest of us, life happens. It can be really easy to be discouraged by the events going on around you and then something else happens on top of it just because. My best friend passed away a […]

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Three babies sitting indoors holding hands

The care and feeding of a blog or social media.

When a client comes to me and asks about starting a blog or what type of social media they should use, I give them what information they need for their particular situation but then I always add a caveat. “No matter what you choose, be prepared. It is like having a baby. You have to […]

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Cars race, start and finish concept

When did you know you were a writer?

I wrote my first story in Mrs. Brosnan’s class in first grade. It was about Enormous the frog. He was an adventure frog and not a sissy frog but he rocked some serious red nail polish.  At least that is when my mother decided I was a writer. Hi mom. For me being a story […]

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Man standing inside casino

Why it is good to be different but also very scary!

I compare myself to more successful people all the time. I wish I could write as well as Niel Gaiman, write as humorously as Terry Pratchett, or as descriptively as Steven King. In some ways this is normal. We want to see if we match up and how good we are compared to other people. […]

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Am I the only one who has fantasized about living in a library and why do you write the genre you do?

I love reading and I suspect most of you do too. It is all about the stories, right? Whether zombie apocalypse, plague, end-of-the-world-whatever, I am hauling my happy ass to a library! I would spend so much time reading everything and eating apples. The act of reading is itself a pleasure. While I have genres […]

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Prozac or Prozie, our latest rescue.

All a matter of priorities… and being a little bit selfish.

I talked about my fear of putting myself out there, and that was fun. Actually, that is a lie, growth SUCKS. But afterward, you feel much better.  Whether it’s muscles or emotions,  growth is worth the pain. That still doesn’t change the fact that it is hard. I am still nervous about posting, but each […]

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Bringing back the dead. Why site stats are important to a blog.

Yesterday was my big brave day and I posted and the world did not blow up and I was not attacked by rabid trolls foaming at the mouth. Today is harder. Yesterday I ran up the steps and jumped off the diving board. Today I have time to ponder about what I did/doing and go […]

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I'm just a dandelion!

Help! I can’t find my voice!

If you have been coming to this site (thank you!) you might have noticed that right now I have been posting links to other peoples stuff. It’s really good stuff, stuff that I find quite helpful, but it is other peoples stuff on other people’s sites. Since my day job is helping other people with […]

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Editor’s Note: Traveling For A Few Days

Hi! I am going to be traveling for a few days but I will be back as soon as I land and can find wifi!  I will be going across the international dateline and I am horrible at time change, but I should be back online by sometime Monday(ish?). Thank you so much for visiting […]

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Editor’s Desk – You might have noticed some changes….

Thank you to all the people who have stuck with the site! You may have noticed that I have updated the look of the site, and I will be continuing to make little changes in the next few days. I hope you like it, and thank you for your continued patience. This is the first […]

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From The Editors Desk: Update – we have moved to a new server!

Hello, Wanted to let you know we have completed the move to a different server as part of the upgrades planned for Publetariat. I believe everything has moved as it was suppose to, but if you notice anything wonky let me know. Hopefully the site will run faster even with some of the changes coming […]

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Romantic beach scene. Female and male flip flpp sandals on the beach

From the Editor – We will be back for regular posting on May 9th

Thank you for understanding.  I shall have a tropical drink for you!   : )

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Editor’s Desk: Kindle Instant Previews – Allow readers to preview your book on your site. Plus FREE book giveaway!

You may have used Amazon’s previewer tool in the past, where you were able to embed a preview link on your website or blog post. If you had, you will have realized that the widget was starting to show it’s age, didn’t always work the way it was suppose to, or at all. That has […]

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