Correspondence from the NaNo fields – World building is hard!

Hello! How are all you writers and NaNo’ers doing? I fell behind on my word count right away as of course all my client’s programs/servers/websites needed attention! But I managed to almost catch up on double Saturday.  I also donated because if you enjoy writing whether or not you participate in NaNoWriMo, they do a lot for writing and writers. The kids program is amazing. And I love having a halo on my name.

I have done fantasy stories in the past, that involved some world building but since the world was sort of ye old English based, world building wasn’t that difficult. This year I am doing a science fiction story that takes place in earths future. It is not dystopian! Yet. Actually, we were about to make a huge mess with huge pollution issues and bad weather juju due to global warming when the aliens come and save us. But they don’t look at us like equals, and not even really like pets. They aren’t sure what to do with us on the very back water of the galaxy and we are so primitive to them. They do save us from ourselves and life is good. For now.

The problem is trying to figure out how a world like this exists. We are much healthier and more responsible. So what do we drink with dinner? Soda is bad for you. Water is boring. Tea, coffee? How does an enlightened society deal with alcohol? There are studies to it’s benefits but too much is hazardous.

My characters end up in a restaurant. How do you deal with that? Do you still have a hostess, waitperson, and a cook? I decided that having these type of people were socially important but not economically important so I added them.

That is what world building is. Which is bad and good for NaNoWriMo! Each time I have to make a decision like this I am caught up trying to figure out the social and economical implications of my decisions. Which take time. Which is bad for NaNo when you are just suppose to write like the wind! Then I decided to write my reasoning’s down and voila! I am caught up on my words again!

Have a great day in your world!