The one cool trick to tell if you are stressed.

Long day so this is going to be a quickie.

It is really important to your overall health to decrease stress. Before I became a software engineer extraordinaire I worked in mental health where I met Mr. Paula who was an intern and is now a Doctor of Psychology.

So this is legit. Take your hands and put them on the back of your neck. Are your hands the same temperature or warmer? Congratulations, you are not stressed. But if your hands are colder than your neck then your body is in stress mode.

Some people are so used to being stressed that they are completely unaware of how bad it is. And there are a few medical conditions that can cause poor circulation but what is probably at work for most people is your body’s response to stress. The body is designed to try and survive anything it can, so when you become stressed the body starts pulling the blood into the core from your extremities. Pretty cool, right.

Except we are no longer running from wolves and have different types of stress that the body doesn’t understand. So it continues to react the same way. Now the challenge is to find ways of dealing with that stress so you are healthier.

The old saying “cold hands, warm heart” is literally true.

Have a great day with warm hands



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