The art of desensitization and how it can help your writing

Prozie’s twin, except Prozie has a cuter nose.

If you have seen the trailer for the next Star Wars movie The Last Jedi then you have seen a Porg. It is that really cute creature that is sitting with Chewbacca and is pictured on the right.

This particular Porg looks an awful lot like my latest rescue kitty, Prozie. Hang with me for a moment here.

Prozie (short for Prozac, my animals are all named after pharmaceuticals) had a very traumatizing start in life, and by the time we got her, she had a permanent “I am going to be ate” look on her face. She was terrified 100% of the time. But slowly we worked with her and while she is still scared of a lot of things, she is enjoying her life.

One of the great tools that we use is desensitization. Basically, it is a process of taking little steps with things that make you afraid until you are no longer afraid of them.

I know, what does this have to do with writing? Everything!

A lot of times our fears are holding us back from doing what we want to do. Spend some time and figure out what is holding you back. For me, it is fear of putting myself out there and being accepted. Break down the issues and figure out what you can do to take safe baby steps towards that fear. Slowly get used to what you fear and you can lessen it’s hold on you. For me, posting here is a BIG step. But each time I do it, I become a little less fearful. The world hasn’t ended and I have yet to become a meme. So far so good!

Life is hard sometimes and growth sucks but it is good for you. What is holding you back?

Have a great day!