When all you got to keep is strong, Move along, move along like I know you do -The All American Rejects Move Along

My family and I celebrated the New Year differently this year. Most of the time we reminisce about the past year, what we would like to change, and look forward to in the next coming year. We even have a tradition where we have a fire and we throw small branches of pine in and let go of bad thoughts.

But letting go of 2016 was different. We didn’t just let go, we pushed and kicked that year away! Sadly, this year is worse and it isn’t even over yet.

I finally got a hold of my girlfriend who lives outside of Vegas and loves country music. She wasn’t at the concert which I am guiltily grateful for because of all the other people who can’t say the same thing about their loved ones. My heart goes out to all of those in Las Vegas. Poor Puerto Rico and the rest of the hurricane hit areas are still trying to manage.  All the crazy news is depressing.

All the crazy news is depressing and overwhelming.

So I try and find small joys to focus on. The sound of thundering kitten elephant feet as our two youngest rescues play. How something that small and furry can make such noise is a mystery but something I always love.  The fact that they feel safe enough in my house to play also makes me happy.

My husband had to work in Pasadina this morning and he sent me the picture used in this post. It made his day and mine.

Somehow the more overwhelming the bad news, the ability to find joy in small things helps even more.

How about you? What small things do you find joy in? Or how do you cope?

I hope you have a good day today,



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