Breaking the rules

There are so many rules to having a presence online.  I know them well. After all, I tell them to my clients, because the rules are there for a reason. When it comes to blogs, I tell people that they are like babies, they need a lot of care and feeding before they grow. Another rule is that you must post so often, usually daily, and you need to post consistently.

The fact is “rules” can hold you back. I knew going into this that there would be days because of my Addison’s disease that I would struggle.  I thought I couldn’t start a blog until it improved  because I might not always feel up to posting. That is pretty much what Addison’s does to you. Each day is different because your adrenal gland doesn’t produce enough steroids. Kind of like diabetes except you can’t control it with diet but you are constantly worrying about how much steroids you need. I still haven’t gotten the hang of stress-dosing. And you often don’t feel well. I call it the Princess and The Pea syndrome because my muscles will hurt so that a ruffle in the sheet can cause pain.

But we all have our issues. Normal is a setting on the dryer, right?

Trying to follow the rules held me back for so long. It was a great way to procrastinate. I have a great excuse. I am constantly working to improve my health but I may never get to the point where I feel good every day. That is just life. So the choice is to retreat and not do what I want, or to say f-it and break the rules.  (Studies show that swearing helps reduce pain!)

The fact is I see a lot of the supposed “online success” rules broken on some acceptably popular sites.

So first, thank you for your patience on days when I am not my best. But most importantly, what rules are holding you back from your goals and why are you not breaking them?

Have a great day!






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