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What Is The Best Price For An Ebook?

BooksGoSocial has a great post about pricing for self publishing authors. Please note that this a business blog. I have no affiliation with them and am not endorsing their services since I have no experience with them, but agree with ‘s take on optimal pricing. It is a really good read and matches my experience. If you have ever done business with BooksGoSocial please let us know how you liked their services in the comments below.

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What Is The Best Price For An Ebook?

Price targetAt BooksGoSocial we have promoted over three thousand books in the past three years.

2016 is likely to be a year of real growth for indie authors and for trad published authors who gain some control over their pricing. Ebook sales for indies (what used to be known as self published authors) are up, and traditional publishers are pricing their ebooks high to stop Amazon becoming their number one channel and then eating them for lunch.

By pricing ebooks high (above $10) traditional publishers are leaving a gap in the market for indies to fill.

Here’s our recommendation on how you should price your Kindle/ebook to take advantage of this gap:


Only if you have a closely linked series and book number one can be priced at free to get readers started on your series.


If you are a new author and you want make it easy for people to buy your book, and you want to increase your total earnings. This price can be used for a short period to get your book onto a best seller list and then you can move the price up. When deciding a price do not consider the effort put in to write and produce it, consider what total earnings you want. By pricing at .99c, and then increasing the price you can achieve higher earnings. I have seen this working.

Read the full post on BooksGoSocial

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