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Author Tools – Scrivener for iOS Means You Can Write Your Zombie Novel Anywhere

Author Tools – things to help you get your writing done Hey Scrivener fans and owners of an iPhone or iPad, NanoWriMo is coming soon and the new release of Scrivener for iOS is great news!  Hopefully, there will be an android version soon – hint hint Keith Blount! You might be thinking that writing […]

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Industrial 3D Letter

Amazon Is An Evil Sith Lord, and Other Dumb Arguments Against Doing Business With Amazon

Wow, over on The Digital Reader, Nate Hoffelder comes out swinging against The Writer’s Workshop article Darth Amazon  – or – Why Amazon Is An Evil Sith Lord, And Apple Is Luke Skywalker by David Lieder. You know what? Nate is correct.  Both Amazon and Apple are big companies and suffer from the issues that […]

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Whose Game Are You Playing?

This post by John Pettigrew originally appeared on Future Proofs on 5/4/15. We hear a lot about Amazon, the new giant in the playground. But Amazon may actually be the least of the industry’s problems, because they at least play by rules we recognise. There are plenty of other giants out there who are playing […]

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Europe Says No To Proprietary eBook Formats

This post by Mike Cane originally appeared on his Mike Cane’s xBlog on 4/1/14. L’Europe va mettre fin aux formats propriétaires pour les livres numériques Europe will put an end to proprietary formats for digital books While the European Parliament will be renewed in May, the European Commission, which will also be fully reconstructed by […]

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Book Publishing May Not Remain A Stand-Alone Industry And Book Retailing Will Demonstrate That First

This post by Mike Shatzkin originally appeared on his The Shatzkin Files blog on 1/29/14. You are missing some good fun if you don’t know those AT&T commercials where the grown-up sits around a table with a bunch of really little kids and asks them questions like “what’s better: faster or slower?” There always seems […]

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