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Books Kept Me Alive In Prison

This post by Erwin James originally appeared on The Guardian on 8/31/15. The end of the ban on sending books to prisoners in the UK reminds me just how vital they were to my survival inside, and to the life I have lived since The official lifting on the ban on sending books to prisoners, […]

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Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Still Read Fiction

This post by Gabe Bergado originally appeared on Mic on 11/21/14. They tend to be more empathetic toward others. It’s not news that reading has countless benefits: Poetry stimulates parts of the brain linked to memory and sparks self-reflection; kids who read the Harry Potter books tend to be better people. But what about people who only read […]

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Does Reading Actually Change The Brain?

This article, by Carol Clark-Emory, originally appeared on Futurity.org on 12/23/13. After reading a novel, actual changes linger in the brain, at least for a few days, report researchers. Their findings, that reading a novel may cause changes in resting-state connectivity of the brain that persist, appear in the journal Brain Connectivity. “Stories shape our […]

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