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Quick Link: How to Write a (Romance) Blurb by Rosalind James

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. Your book blurb is one of the best tools you have in marketing your book. You have gotten the potential reader interested enough to come look a little more at your title. This is where you can make a big impact on […]

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Do's And Don'ts On Writing A Book Blurb

This post by Nicholas C. Rossis originally appeared on his site on 5/2/15. The inspiration for this post came from a little gem I found on the Passive Guy’s Newsletter (if you aren’t already a subscriber, what are you waiting for? It’s free!). After some heavy editing, it ended up as this post. The original post came from […]

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Beating the Blurb Blues – Part One

This post by Kat Sheridan originally appeared as a guest post on Sia Mckye Over Coffee on 1/14/15. Last week Sia wrote an article on the trials and hair-tearing frustration of writing blurbs and pitches. Since I have a business writing blurbs/cover copy, I offered to share some quick tips to make it less frustrating. […]

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Is Your Amazon 'Look Inside' Preview All In Italics?

This post by Kimberly Hitchens originally appeared on Booknook.biz on 1/18/14. On a recent Saturday afternoon, I received a panicked email from a long-time editing acquaintance of mine. Her award-winning book needed some updates, so, being über-competent in making her own ebooks, she made the changes and uploaded the book. She checked back a few […]

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