Quick Link: 14 Facebook Live Ideas for Authors

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So you know how I always talk about baby steps. Well doing a Facebook Live event is too much of a big step for me, but if you are braver than I am or further along in your journey then Rachelle Gardner at Books & Such has some great ideas for you!

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14 Facebook Live Ideas for Authors

Blogger: Rachelle GardnerIf you’ve done any Facebook Live posts and paid attention to your traffic, you probably already have a good idea of how much more engagement you can get with FB Live versus other kinds of posts. This is especially true if you experiment with various kinds of content, times of day, length, and other variables.

We highly recommend our authors start doing FB Lives, and shoot for about once a week if possible. It seems to work best if you follow a few guidelines (from Facebook Media):

  • Let people know ahead of time what time you’ll be live.
  • Before you go live, write a compelling invitation and description. (When you click “Start a live video,” you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your description where it says, “Say something about this video.”)
  • Try to speak to your commenters by name while you’re live.


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