Don’t miss out on the new

There is something comfortable about what is known. We know what to expect and don’t have to work harder than necessary. While I am a great fan of exploring the unknown and will always take the road less traveled, you can still get stuck in a rut, or even get overwhelmed by all the options that are out there. With so much information, products, and options available to us, it is easy to be inundated by choices.

Take food graters. We have one that was pretty cool. It was a circle on top of a catch pan that you could rotate around for the grating type you needed. Not your mother’s metal square thing that left a mess. But after spending waaaay too much time trying to grate some lime zest my daughter had the brilliant idea that we really needed a new one. Not technically the language she used but you get the point.  Sure enough, there is this wicked awesome one on Amazon that I ordered and love!

What does this have to do with writing? Everything.

Do you even know what options are out there for you? I know that the written word may not have changed much but the options are pretty cool. Have you checked out adding audiobooks for your title? This is a very hot commodity right now, and there are many advances that make it easy for you to create a quality audiobook that will definitely set your title apart.

What about social media? For one of my paying day jobs, I work for an ebook promotions site. As a courtesy, when we prepare a sponsorship and post it on Facebook, we always try to find the author’s Facebook page and link to it. But there are so many authors who don’t have a page and miss out on this extra opportunity for publicity.

Not every new thing is better. But you won’t know until you look and see.

Have a great day!