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Quick Link: 7 Essentials for Your Book Launch

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. Today’s offering is about that most wonderful of things, getting ready to launch your book!  Hooray for you! But before you break open the champagne, check out the post by Keely Brooke Keith at Helping Writers Become Authors to make sure you […]

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Be careful out there!

Quick Link: I Lost $6,500 on My Last Book Launch: Details, final tally, lessons learned

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. Poor Linda Formichelli! She had a horrible experience launching her last book, but was gracious enough to share her experiences at Renegade Writer Press. Be careful out there! ~ * ~ I Lost $6,500 on My Last Book Launch: Details, final tally, […]

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Authors Vs The Marketing Rabbit Hole

This post by Deborah Riley-Magnus originally appeared on SavvyAuthors on 4/21/15. Authors are as innocent as Alice when it comes to marketing, but nowhere near as fearless to take the plunge. What’s really down that rabbit hole? It’s called the MARKETING rabbit hole so it must be dark, terrifying, and worse yet, ineffective. After all, […]

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Setting Up A Book Tour

This post by Trish Nicholson originally appeared on The Writer’s ABC Checklist on 4/16/15. A book tour is an excellent way for you to increase the exposure of your book, to meet potential readers, and to make many useful contacts for the future. It can also be fun. Even if you have a publisher, they […]

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The 10 Commandments Of Authorial Self-Promotion

This post by Chuck Wendig originally appeared on his terribleminds site on 4/15/15. Note that it contains strong language. *wheezes while stumbling down a mountain carrying ten stone tablets* *dumps stone tablets on the ground and most of them break* *coughs for like, 40 minutes* OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE. WHY DO PEOPLE WRITE COMMANDMENTS ON […]

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How to Have a Successful Book Launch

This post originally appeared on ChatEbooks on 4/7/15. Finishing your book, from writing to editing, is not the end of your journey.  Holding a book launch is one great way to promote your book. Here are some tips on how to organize a successful book launch. After spending countless hours writing, editing, and creating a […]

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Deadly Proof–Anatomy of a Book Launch

This post by M. Lousia Locke originally appeared on her blog on 2/21/15. I am proud to announce that Deadly Proof, the fourth book in my Victorian San Francisco Mystery Series, is now available for sale (see links below). As with the other three novels in this series, Deadly Proof finds Annie Fuller and her […]

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Build Relationships With Reviewers Well Before Your Book Launch

This post by Jennifer Mattern originally appeared on AllIndieWriters on 10/21/14. When you try to land reviews for your new book, the last thing you want is to be just another random new author reviewers have never heard of. Yet it’s not uncommon for authors, and especially indie authors, to wait until the last minute to […]

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