Build Relationships With Reviewers Well Before Your Book Launch

This post by Jennifer Mattern originally appeared on AllIndieWriters on 10/21/14.

When you try to land reviews for your new book, the last thing you want is to be just another random new author reviewers have never heard of. Yet it’s not uncommon for authors, and especially indie authors, to wait until the last minute to think about book reviews.

So for this week’s quick tip, let’s make sure you don’t fall into that group. Rather than waiting until your book is about to launch (or already has), build relationships with key book reviewers early. Put yourself in a position where, when you do contact them to request a book review, they already know your name and are already at least somewhat familiar with you.

Here are three ways you can start building relationships with potential reviewers even before your book is released.

1. Comment on their existing reviews.


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