When you fall down, get back up and continue on.

When it rains it pours and that can’t be poignant enough for right now.  Poor Barbuda is pretty much wiped out, all the islands in the Carribean, Florida, Mexico, and of course Texas is still bailing out. Our good thoughts and wishes go out for all of you now and I promise to rearrange my budget so we can give cash as needed.

Sometimes the world is good at knocking you down. But I think life is about how we react to those moments. Of course, if you are worried about hurricanes or other disasters you have to make sure you are ok first.  Things like writing have to take a back seat unless you are huddled somewhere with a notebook and pen writing your thoughts and observations safely.

Like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you need to prioritize your needs. Take care of your physical self – shelter, food, and water, then when you can, you work on your psychological – feeling safe, connected, and healthy. That is where the writing comes in. So many mental health professionals use writing as a tool to good mental health.

As writers, we already knew that.

Stay safe and have a good day.