Just do the damn thing and go to bed.

This week started off so good. Part of that was the holiday but I actually managed to get some work done for this site ahead of time and that was awesome. My days were wonderful and slightly carefree(ish).

I have Addison’s second type, like J. F. Kennedy but a little different. His was the first type. Basically due to doctors error a long time ago my adrenal glands are totally fried. It took an incredibly long time to get diagnosed but here I am trying to work my program. So one of the issues is I have a shit ton of inflammation which means, happy fun time, I get to go on the inflammation diet. So today I spent the day making my own homemade flax seed cereal for breakfast and preparing kale. I f’ing hate kale. The only thing that I hate worse than kale is kale with shitake mushrooms.  If you just said “Oh that sounds yummy” then (1) I probably hate you too, and (2) please come eat mine for me.

Rant over. Hopefully, this helps, in which case it is worth every last bit of kale I force down.

Which brings us to now. It is late, I am tired and covered in carrot peels. At least my hands smell really yummy. Cinnamon, fresh ginger, a hint of garlic, and lime juice.  But I have my writing to do. I spent time making excuses. No one is making me write. But the thought of giving up makes me whimper inside. So cut it out, self. Chin up, just do what you need to do. Get the damn thing done and go to bed.

Have a great day. I hope you are able to get done what you need to.