If it was 1 pm yesterday I would be on time.

I will let you in on a little secret that probably isn’t so secret. I actually write my posts the night before and schedule them for the next day. Editing is not my best skill and I need time between readings to let my brain reset. And then because I am a chicken, I make my wonderful husband read them. You will still probably find an error or two, alas.

It would be really nice to actually complete writing my posts a few days ahead of time, so I wouldn’t be such a hypocrite when I recommend that to my WordPress clients.  I hope to get there someday and at least I am honest about it.  So “best practices” would be to have all your posts done a week ahead of time but lets agree that sometimes best practices are just goals to reach for.  Or laugh at.

On the other hand, that then that leaves me with where I am tonight. Its late, I want to write my post, and I want to keep my goals but my bed is calling after a long day. So I am keeping it short and sweet and celebrating a win that I actually wrote something about nothing but still something. Baby steps.

What schedule to you keep for your writing and how do you manage disruptive days? Share and help us all!

Have a great today!