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Gone are the days of the one hit wonders for authors. You have to build your audience and if you don’t already have a built audience you a great strategy is to write a series. This allows you to start building a following and do clever marketing such as pricing your first book for free to get people hooked. At Write To DoneSandra Haven has some great hints on how to build on a story to make a series.

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How to Transform Your Single Story Into a Complete Series

Okay, so your single book story jumped to an idea for a nifty book series but … now what?

Even the best of series ideas can miss the mark after only one book.

Ever come to a screeching halt while reading a series because the story just fell apart? Or the character changed? Maybe you moaned, “What is this author doing?”

Not everyone will love every book in a series. There will always be some readers who set your series to the side as times goes on. But readership can also take a plunge and no author wants that to happen.

Good news:

Scary as that is, there are some basic reasons a series fails—and there are ways to avoid them.

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