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Audiobooks are a hot and growing market. Definitely worth looking into for your title. Romance University‘s contributor Veronica Scott runs down what you need to know if you are thinking of going audio.

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Audiobooks: What You Should Know – by Veronica Scott

RU Contributor Veronica Scott discusses factors you should consider if you’re thinking about creating audiobooks.

Since June is Audiobook Month, I thought I should devote my post to that topic. First, some relevant statistics from a December 8, 2016 post on the Goodereader.com website: “Over the course of the past three years the highest growing segment of publishing are audiobooks. The global audiobook industry is currently evaluated at $3.5 billion dollars and the United States is currently the largest singular market with $1.8 billion dollars in audio sales in 2016 and this was a 31% increase from 2015. The Audio Publishers of America has stated that every year for the past three years 36,000 audiobooks were issued.”


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