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There are many extras an author needs to appear professional. You may already have some things, such as a website and social media presence. But according to at Bad Redhead Media, you also need a media kit. Find out why you need one and what your media kit should consist of.

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What is a Media Kit and Why You Need One by @MFlicksAuthors

social-networking_110003568-012814-intJuly 1, 2016 By Rachel Thompson

Whether you are a multi-published author or in the process of penning your first novel, an author media kit is an essential time-saving tool. Also known as a “press kit,” a media kit is a collection of information pertaining to you, the author, and your book(s).

Why do you need a media kit?

Your author media kit will come in handy when you are reaching out to book bloggers, setting up book tours, contacting event planners, inquiring to publishers and agents, planning online promotions…etc. Imagine having to search through your computer files every time someone requests your author and book information. What a pain! Having it in all together in one doc will cut down on wasted time and let you get back to doing what you love- writing!

(Here’s an example of Rachel’s media kit.  We update it frequently.)

Making your media kit available on your website and blog is also a great way for others to easily find information on you and your book. You can add your media kit as an individual page, on the sidebar in a downloadable link – either way, be sure to label it clearly.

What should you include your author media kit?

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