Fun – Gotta Pun ‘Em All: The Classics as Pokemon

Just for fun – because everyone deserves a break

Do you Pokemon or know someone who does? Then you will totally enjoy these classic story titles re-imagined as Pokemon titles. Got to collect them all!

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Gotta Pun ‘Em All: The Classics as Pokemon


pokeman_goPokemon Go is going wild, y’all. It’s a free smartphone app that dropped on July 6 and uses your GPS to show you the Pokemon that are always around you in the real world (Okay, not really. It’s just a game, people).

When you’re walking around, open the app and you’ll find a Charmander in your kitchen, or a Shellder in your bedroom, or a Jigglypuff in your office at work. Your favorite coffeeshops are turned into Pokestops, your grocery stores are turned into gyms. It’s taking over the world.

And you better believe we Poke-punned a bunch of classics for ya. Sure, there are the obvious ones — Harry Potter and the Pokeball, Pokemon Farm — but… Just, here. We gotta Catch-22 ’em all.

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