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Time to get some work done! Do you have problems procrastinating? I do! ; )  So it is good for us that Shelly Hitz shares with us her tricks to just get’er done.  I actually use a slight spin to Shelly’s method. I set a timer for five minutes and promise myself that if I do just five minutes of solid work on the task I am avoiding, I can take a break. By the end of the five minutes, I am usually invested in the task and will continue. If not, I take a break and then try again. That said, I am a long time big fan of the “Pomodoro Technique” that Shelly also goes into. What are your tips for getting work done?

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My #1 Best Productivity Tool – How to Get the Job Done!

This is the kind of timer I like when it is time to read

This is the kind of timer I like when it is time to read

Shelly Hitz

In this post I share with you my #1 best productivity tool.  It is a simple tool, but very effective. I will also share some tips for you on how to be more productive and stop procrastinating.

Put that Timer to Work!

Let me tell you a story. I was trying to get some bookings for different potential speaking engagements, and needed to write a letter for mailing. However, I had been putting it off. It felt so hard for me and all I was thinking was “I don’t know what to write” and “I don’t know what to do.”

This had been my dilemma until I thought of putting my own advice into action and using a timer.

Yes, a timer!

So I took out a timer, set it to 25 minutes, sat down, got out my notes, and started writing. Then, I took a 5-minute break, set my timer to another 25 minutes and before I knew it, the letter was done!

The task that I have been putting off for weeks is finally done. And it’s all because of a timer.

This method is called “Time Boxing”.

By using a timer, you are setting a deadline on your brain, which will allow you to focus on that one thing that you are trying to finish.

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