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Your cover is one of the first things that a potential reader will use to decide if they want to read your book.  Writer, writing coach and blogger Lauren, over LaurenSapala.com gives it to you straight on how to get the best book cover. My personal tip, if you are not a graphic designer trained in covers, don’t do it yourself.  It shows.

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What Self-Pubbing Authors Need to Know about Getting the Best Book Cover

20 April, 2016

bookshelf-with-books_fJDBXRLu_LLauren Sapala

Studies have proven again and again that humans make purchasing decisions based on emotional factors. This probably happens most frequently in the glittering online jungle known as Amazon.com. I read recently that Amazon is the only search engine people use with the mouse in one hand, and a credit card in the other. For me, a regular Amazon customer, I don’t even need my credit card. The site has my payment information recorded and it’s as simple as one click to send a new book to my Kindle.

If you’re a writer, and a reader, I know this is true for you too.

Emotional decision making + split-second purchasing power =

You better have a damn good book cover.

Too many self-pubbing authors have book covers that get lost in the deluge of 99 cent Kindle deals. The cover might be too generic, too bland; it doesn’t stand out when potential readers are skimming through hundreds of titles. Or the cover is too bright and the colors are all wrong; it comes off as gaudy and garish and turns off otherwise loyal fans of a genre. The key is balance. Your book cover should speak volumes with one fantastic image, and draw in die-hard followers as well as those readers who didn’t even know they were your audience.

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