One Rule To… Er… Rule Them All

This post by Greta van der Rol originally appeared on Spacefreighters Lounge on 4/16/15.

On Facebook I belong to a number of different writers’ groups. Recently, this meme was posted on one of them.

Elmore Leonard on writing

There is nothing more likely to have me doing expletives deleted than seeing a list of “thou shalts” telling prospective authors that this is how they have to do it. Especially with a famous name tagged on to the end. Don’t get me wrong, GENERALLY speaking, I would agree that each of these points deserves consideration. But the only one that is really, absolutely, no-holds-barred, TRUE is number…

See if you can work it out.

I particularly object to the word NEVER in these ‘rules’. Never is black and white. Let’s look at the ‘nevers’ in this list.


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