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FICTION books currently available in print and ebook formats:
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The Children of The Dragon series by author Theresa M. Moore is a chronicle of the Xosan, living vampires from the planet Antellus who were human but transformed by a dragon’s blood. They are stories of science fiction, fact and fantasy, myth and history, tragedy and triumph; linked together by the theme of the vampire as hero. These books are rated for YA to adult readers and contain blood violence and some adult content.

7 books are currently in print (by Antellus catalog number) :
Destiny’s Forge 9310701 – 324 pgs list price $18.95/ ebook $4.99.
To Taste The Dragon’s Blood 9310702 – 216 pgs list price $15.95/ ebook $4.99
NAGRASANTI; An Illustrated Anthology 9310703 – 500 pgs list price $26.95 PRINT ONLY
Red Dragon 9310704 – 134 pgs list price $12.95/ ebook $4.99
The Queen’s Marksman 9310705 – 136 pgs list price $12.95/ ebook $4.99
The Black Witch 9310706 – 116 pgs list price $12.95/ ebook $4.99
VIRUS 9310707 – 100 pgs list price $11.95/ ebook $4.99

Also in print and ebook formats:
Saxon & Hampstead Investigations, Ltd. casebook 1: THE MYSTERY OF CRANEWOOD MANOR
(Antellus cat. no. 9310801) 6" x 9" paperback, 84 pgs, list price $9.95/ ebook $3.99.

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