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NONFICTION books currently in print and ebook formats:
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A BOOK OF FIVE RINGS: A Practical Guide to Strategy by Miyamoto Musashi; A Modern Translation for the 21st Century Compiled and Illustrated by Theresa M. Moore (Rev. Ed.); (Antellus cat. no. 9310901) 6" x 9" paperback, 96 pgs; list price $11.95/ ebook $4.99. A retranslation of the original five books written by the most famous ronin and kensei (sword saint) of them all, with a biography and essays on the history and traditions which formed the background of his life and the basis for modern kendo as it is practiced today; and a black and white gallery of his art and also art by other artists celebrating his life and legend.

PRINCIPLES OF SELF-PUBLISHING: How To Publish and Market A BOOK On a Shoestring Budget (Rev. Ed.); (Antellus cat. no. 9310902) 6" x 9" paperback, 132 pgs; list price $12.95/ ebook $4.99.
A handy primer about the world of book publishing, marketing and selling, including the bookkeeping procedures and other information to make the virgin author or publisher ready to solve any problem. This little green book will be your constant companion in your quest to be published. In addition to books, this guide will help you produce, market and sell any product using the same principles. With illustrations, appendixes and lists of valuable resources.

Antellus is an independent publisher of quality science fantasy adventure and nonfiction books on related subjects.

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