Antellus to Drop Kindle Ebooks From Its Fall Line-Up

Antellus – Science Fantasy Adventure and Nonfiction Books

Antellus to Drop Kindle Ebooks From Its Fall Line-Up

Antellus, an independent publisher and seller of science fantasy adventure and nonfiction books on related subjects, has opted to avoid using Amazon as a retailer of its ebooks.

In the wake of several deeply disturbing announcements regarding the sale and redaction of various Kindle e-books, in which Amazon finally revealed its service agreement which states that the e-books bought are actually leased, and that it can yank the cord at any time without notice; we are no longer going to publish Kindle e-books for the future. The full expectation of our customers that the books they place on their Kindle library are theirs to read and enjoy as long as they own a Kindle has been violated, and in some cases grossly mistated and misrepresented. Amazon’s arbitrary removal of titles without cause and without the permission of Kindle owners will permanently damage any future relationship they hold with Amazon. Antellus will continue to offer e-books directly for sale and through its partner sellers.

"Due to recent complaints on the part of both consumers and suppliers to Amazon, we are concerned with the way Amazon does its business," author and CEO Theresa M. Moore said. "In many cases, the complaints illustrate that a great deal of fraud and waste occurs in the company’s daily transactions, and Amazon’s relaxed attitude and sometimes refusal to resolve consumer complaints makes us question whether they really are a solid marketplace to rely on. We value quality as well as good customer access, and Amazon appears either unable or unwilling to meet our standards in terms of customer service."

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