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I want a magic pen!

Quick Links: What’s the Difference between Plot and Story?

Quick links, bringing you great articles on writing from all over the web. I admit that when I first looked at this post by Jami Gold, I was didn’t think there was going to be much I could get from it. But Jami goes deep. There is a very important difference between the story and […]

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What Is A Story?

This post by David Baboulene originally appeared on his The Science of Story on 11/3/14. When I first started my research degree in story theory, the thing that surprised me most was that there is no single definition for the term ‘story’. At least, not one that all the authorities agree, and certainly not one […]

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The Secrets of Story Structure (Complete Series)

This post by K.M. Weiland originally appeared on her Helping Writers Become Authors site. Note that while it references K.M. Weiland’s book based on her Story Structure blog series, after you click through to view the full post you’ll find links to her original blog posts in the series there. If there’s just one thing […]

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