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On The Length Of A Story

This post by Alan Baxter originally appeared on his Warrior Scribe site on 5/22/15. Warning: strong language. There’s been a bit of to and fro via The Guardian recently about fantasy novels and short stories. Firstly Damien Walter wrote this pile of bollocks about how publishers need to stop encouraging big fat fantasy multi-book series. […]

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The Three Reasons I Have Fallen In Love With Writing Short Stories

This post by M. Louisa Locke originally appeared on her blog on 6/12/14. I am the last author you would think would be writing short stories. As a writer who tends to be prolix, the short form wouldn’t seem a good match for me. I don’t write anything short––not emails, not blog posts, not books. […]

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6 Reasons To Write A Short Story

This post by Julie Glover originally appeared as a guest post on Writers In The Storm on 5/30/14. As a novel reader, I always believed I was meant to write full-length books. Yet I find myself entering the self-published market with a collection of short stories instead. I wrote the first one on a lark—merely […]

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