Quick Link: How to Write Superior Sex Scenes: Ignite Your Readers & Burn Them to Ash

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So not to share TMI but Mr. Paula and I have a lovely marriage so when I have encountered some hot scenes in books lately and found myself skipping over them, well I thought it was just me. Turns out  posting at Kristen Lamb‘s site nailed it. The scenes I passed by weren’t bad necessarily but felt out of place in the story. Check out Cait’s post on how to do sex scenes right!

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How to Write Superior Sex Scenes: Ignite Your Readers & Burn Them to Ash

Hey Guys, Cait Reynolds, my co-author/partner in crime/therapist/evil half is here to talk about the birds and the bees and maybe bees tying up other bees. The “How To” of writing superior sex scenes is vital, just uncomfortable for me. Sorry. I blame my upbringing.

I’m a Texan with a Lutheran mom and Baptist father. I grew up in the buckle of the Bible Belt, and have had far too much vacation bible camp to be much help. In fact, legally, I cannot write a sex scene until every member of my family dies…and likely not even then.

If you need help with plotting a fight scene or murder? I’m your gal.

All this said, roughly 80% of publishing is powered by the romance genre. This is a FACT.

I read a LOT of romance, myself. Sadly, however, there are “romances” so over-processed and crammed with filler they need a foil tray instead of a book cover.

TV Dinner sex scenes.

Tired, overdone, dry, uncreative and no one looks forward to consuming this stuff (unless starving and desperate).

Read the full post on Kristen Lamb!


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