True writer confession – I am a horrible speller

Writers are suppose to be good at writing stuff, right? Except there are so many elements that go into writing, some depending on what you are writing.  I don’t know how you could master all of them. Every time I think I understand one part of plot writing I find an article that takes me to another level of recognizing what I don’t know. But at least I can compete there.

True story, I got into computers because they had spell-check. That and my handwriting is not even legible to me. Computers were a gift from the technology gods telling me that I was born to be a software engineer and a writer. Another true fact, I passed college English because I amused my teacher by writing subroutines for grammar rules.  If you can’t be brilliant be witty.

Part of the problem is I am relatively bright otherwise, but my low point intellectually is spelling. Compounding the problem is I have a fantastic vocabulary. So I regularly try and use words I know, but I can’t spell. I frustrate spell check on a regular basis. My spelling is so bad it even confuses Google.

Of course English is made up of so many different rules and has evolved from a bunch of different languages. So it is not like it is completely my fault. Homonyms, homophones, and homographs don’t help at all.

Add that to the fact that I spell how words sound and I come from Massachusetts where we have a distinct problem with rearranging the “r”s in our speech and I give up!

How about you? Do you have any true writing confessions?

Have a great day!





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