Turkish Delight and mead. The power of descriptions.

Have you ever read about something, and then was so excited to try it someday? For me, it was Turkish Delight and then mead.  So many of my childhood stories extolled the delight of Turkish candy. Even in The Chronicles of Narnia series, it was a treat among treats, that the White Witch tempted Edmund with. So it has to be good, right? Have you tasted it? First of all, it smells like roses and I love roses. But it is very sticky and too sweet (and I like sweets!) and it tastes like your grandmothers rose soap. My son will eat it but then again, he likes Haggis so there is no accounting for taste.

Later readings introduced me to mead. All the old timey great heros drink it with gusto! Cause it is that awesome.  It is fermented honey. How can that be bad? Honey is awesome. So isn’t wine. Honey-wine has to be the best thing possible and is probably what the queen bee drinks when she is ordering her little worker bees around. Apparently, it is an acquired taste and I don’t have enough money to aquire the taste for it.

That is the power of writing. Authors can create magic and desire with their words. I am sure that a lot of people love Turkish Delight and in a world before peanut M&Ms having something that sweet was wonderful. Maybe. I am still not convinced.

But every once in a while I will meet someone who tells me I just haven’t tried the right mead yet. The power of writing and me wanting to quaff mead like the heroes, sigh, still makes me want to try it.

Have a good day!