Just like the evil electric company

His and hers SU bottles

I was lying flat on my bed with the fan turned high, misting water into the air with the squirt bottle we use to discipline the cats (kids occasionally too) feeling pretty sorry for myself because it was 109 in southern California today.  And I know that there are plenty of people out there who would gladly switch places with me right now, first world problems and all that, but this is my very small pity party. I don’t do well in the heat.

We have an air conditioner, a really nice one. But earlier this year I signed up for a deal with the electric company. So in exchange for a lower rate, when the grid is getting a bit overloaded, the electric company can turn off my a/c. I know it sounds stupid in 109-degree weather but this is what makes them so clever.  When I was pitched this wonderful opportunity it was cold outside.  I mean cold for southern California, but still, you want a hot cocoa and a sweater.

Then I realized how bloody brilliant that was. Because you don’t remember how much you suffered in the heat in February, so the money looks good. They only shut off your a/c for a short time and it gets rotated around with other people so it shouldn’t be too long. Blah de blah blah blah. Of course, I want to save the money.

Until now when reality hits. I could go someplace else to find some coolness but it is too hot to move or think.

Then I realized that a smart writer would do the same thing. Place clues and hints when it is cold outside and your reader easily buys into it, but then later in the story switch the weather. Just like the evil electric company.

No matter what the weather is for you (107 for me!) please be safe and take care of yourself.