Why it is good to be different but also very scary!

I compare myself to more successful people all the time. I wish I could write as well as Niel Gaiman, write as humorously as Terry Pratchett, or as descriptively as Steven King. In some ways this is normal. We want to see if we match up and how good we are compared to other people.

There are so many problems in doing this. Comparing yourself to others is bad for you.

It was one of the reasons why it took me so long to take a chance on writing this blog. I would use the fact that I am not as whimsical, or funny, or grammatically correct and poised as other people. So I should wait until I get good enough.

The problem is there will always be someone you admire and think of as more qualified than you. It is a procrastination excuse based in fear.

You don’t know the doubts and struggles that many others have had on their way to becoming a successful writer. Maybe you haven’t had the practice or the time to put into your writing yet. Maybe your parents hated reading and never encouraged you. Maybe life happened. It happens to most of us. So by comparing yourself to the greats, you are being unfair to you. Who knows where you will go if you continue to work on your writing.

Another reason not to compare yourself to others is that they became successful because they are unique. If you try to imitate them, you are not being faithful to your own unique voice.

Aretha Franklin is amazing. She sings a cover of Bridge Over Trouble Waters that blows my mind every time I hear it. No one sings like her.

And that is the point. No one sings like her, or Bob Dylan, or Adele. That is why they are great.

So you do you. Because perhaps if you can’t find anyone who writes (or sings) like you, then you are on your way. Or you are William Hung. Either way, you are your own unique self.

Have a great day!


PS feel free to share any songs that help you through a Monday Morning!