Bringing back the dead. Why site stats are important to a blog.

Yesterday was my big brave day and I posted and the world did not blow up and I was not attacked by rabid trolls foaming at the mouth. Today is harder. Yesterday I ran up the steps and jumped off the diving board. Today I have time to ponder about what I did/doing and go “OMG what was I thinking!” along with all the other fun thoughts of self-doubt.

But we shall still push forward! (Deep breath!)

You do have an author site, right? Please. You need an author site. The easiest one to set up is a WordPress site. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about this, or have any questions about WordPress sites you would like answered. I am happy to help!

All WordPress sites come with an amazing little tool called Jetpack. Actually, it is a bunch of tools provided by WordPress and a bunch of them are free. One of which is the Jetpack dashboard Site Stats. This tells you how many people are visiting and can give you a general picture of the health of your site over time.

Something that my stats are telling me is that you liked the Quick Links better than the Link Roundup posts. See how powerful you are! And I am listening because eventually, I would LOVE for this site to kind of be like a neighborhood coffee bar for writers. A place to find resources and hang out. So the quick links will be back but maybe with a link round up on Fridays. There is just too much good content out there. So how about that? And of course, I will still be trying to find my voice and write directly to you. And maybe, just maybe, you will write back to me.

Have a good day!