Quick Link: 6 Ways You Are Destroying Your Chances of Finding Readers

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Getting readers who hopefully love your story is the whole reason behind publishing your stories. Make sure you are not doing any of these six mistakes from at Books Go Social!

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6 Ways You Are Destroying Your Chances of Finding Readers

You’re a writer. You want to find readers. Traditional publishers are paying less and less, and they are taking fewer books these days.

So you decide to self-publish. You think it’s enough to put your book on the internet, that people should buy it, that you’ve done your job.

But have you destroyed your chances of your book finding readers, because of basic mistakes?

Sure, readers are still looking for high-quality stories and help from non fiction books, but these days they use the characteristics of how a book is presented as tells, indicators of the quality of storytelling and writing within.

If you can’t pay attention to these basic tells, they assume it’s unlikely you paid attention to the quality of the writing. And often they are right.

Are you destroying your chances of finding readers with these basic mistakes?

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