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I hate plot holes. My day job requires me to be very logical and I try not to drive everyone around me nuts with it. But no matter how much I love a story, a plot hole will keep wispering in my mind not allowing me to fully enjoy the story. What is even worse is when I write one, especially a big one!  at Inks and Quills helps us to patch those plot holes up like they never even existed!

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How to Fix Any Plot Hole Like a Pro

Once, I spent a good three hours trying to fix a plot hole involving a parrot while writing my novella, These Savage Bones.

I wish I was kidding.

There’s nothing that can make a writer want to tear their hair out quite like a plot hole. They can be hard to spot and even harder to patch up. And in the case of a particular species of parrot, which turned out to be extinct during the time period my story was set, they can make you question your sanity.

Argh, headaches for days!

Are there pesky plot holes hiding in your story right now? Let’s take a look at the different forms plot holes can take, how they can be accidentally introduced into a story, and how to rid your novel of them for good.

What is a Plot Hole?

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