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Just a quick post from Jodi Gibson, but sometimes great things come in little packages. Jodi’s post is for all us perfectionist and procrastinator who use the excuse that we don’t know enough, or are not ready, and look at the people who are better than us and think we aren’t like them. Totally me. Time to use stop using learning as an excuse and just start writing.

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When to stop learning and start writing

As a writer with no formal qualifications, i.e. no tertiary degree in writing, I have looked for other ways to learn about the craft of writing.

I’ve done many short courses, read a trove of online articles and websites, and discussed everything from dialogue to point of view with fellow writers. But how much is too much? When is it time to stop learning and start trusting your own knowledge and ability?

I’m not sure if there is a definitive answer that is the same for every writer. I think the answer for each individual lies somewhere between when the penny drops and when you know it’s time. Or maybe, when you’re told it’s time.

At the wrap up of Fiona McIntosh’s masterclass, she said something to us that struck a chord with me. ‘You don’t need anymore knowledge, you just need to go and write.’

She wasn’t saying that her knowledge and wisdom is everything, she was simply saying it was time to go and put everything you know into practice.

With so much information out there on the craft of writing – books, articles, websites, courses – it can be confusing. And the worst part is, there’s a lot of conflicting information. One person will tell you one thing, and then another will tell you the opposite.

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