Quick Link: What Social Media Groups Are and How To Use Them

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So you already know that you need social media to help spread the word about your titles, but have you heard of social media groups?  They are a great way to connect with people and help you stand out. Each social media platform has its own type of groups. Melissa Flickinger over at Bad Redhead Media helps you get started.

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What Social Media Groups Are and How to Use Them

By Melissa Flickinger

We discussed social media groups during our recent Twitter #BookMarketingChat. Of course, there is a lot to cover in one hour, so we chopped the list down to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. We’ll discuss Pinterest, Goodreads, and other social media groups in future chats and my next post. Here are some key tips to get you started on social media groups.

If you have any social media accounts, chances are you’re already in several groups. But for those who are just getting their virtual foot in the social networking door, let’s explain what a social media group is and why they’re so great for building relationships!

What Are Social Media Groups?

Social media groups are general interest or niche-specific forums within social media platforms. Indie writers, paranormal romance book lovers, and author street teams are all examples of the different types of groups you might find on social media. These groups can be open or closed/secret, based on the owner’s (aka, moderator’s) preferences.

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