Quick Link: The Power of a Permafree Book with Jennifer Waddle

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One great and often overlooked marketing tool is the permafree ebook, especially for series. You can find a great post and podcast by Shelly Hitz and Jennifer Waddle that will help you utilize this great tool. Check it out!

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The Power of a Permafree Book with Jennifer Waddle

What is a permafree book and how can it help you in your marketing?

In today’s training, Jennifer Waddle will be joining us to show us how permafree book has helped her succeed in marketing her books.

The Power of PermaFree Book

SHELLEY: Welcome to Author Audience Academy. Today I’m rolling out the red carpet and inviting you into my community to show you behind the scenes look at what’s working for authors like you.

In this episode, I want to position the spotlight on one of my members, Jennifer Waddle. Welcome, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Thank you, Shelley. It’s great to be here.

Shelley: Yes! I’m so excited to have you share on today’s episode. Before we dive in I want to just share a brief bio about you.

Jennifer Waddle is an author, speaker, and contributor who write books for women in the trenches of life. Her goal is to help Christian women face issues that stand in the way of who they were created to be. I love that!

She’s also a children’s book author of a brand new series called “A Day in the Life of a Little Kid”. This book is available on Amazon. Jennifer resides with her family near the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain. And you live here in Colorado Springs, right where I am as well! We’ve attended the same church!

You can connect with her at JenniferWaddleOnline.com.

So for this week’s center stage spotlight training, I’m going to have Jennifer share a specific success strategy. I’m excited to learn from each other on being able to accomplish your goals as an author. And we will be sharing some specific strategies that have worked for Jennifer.