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My wise old granny always said have an attitude of gratitude and as authors, it is important to acknowledge those who help us. But as an author, you are already creative so make them cool. Head over to Books & Such and read Janet Kobobel Grant’s post to learn more.

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Acknowledgments: Make Them Awesome

Janet Kobobel Grant

I wrote this post in 2015, but I’ve added a snippet at the end that’s actually an announcement tied to acknowledgments. So read on!

I love to read book acknowledgment pages. I feel as if I’m peeking into the Who’s Who in the creation of the work. But the acknowledgments I like best are those in which the author shows that he/she has the mojo to cast a creative eye on this page that often tends toward the unimaginative.

In actuality, acknowledgments are a great place to stretch your writing muscles. Allow your voice to be full-throated.

Would the Acknowledgments Fit with Any Book?

My mind turns to such stellar acknowledgments as Cynthia Ruchti’s resounding commendations in her An Endless Christmas novella. Her approach was original and wouldn’t fit any other book she’s written. Let’s take a look at what she did as a lesson in how to write awesome acknowledgments.

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