Quick Link: 6 Ways Grammarly Can Improve Your Writing And Editing

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Have you tried Grammarly? I read about it from over at The Creative Penn. It is a program that is supposed to help your writing by checking your grammar as you work. There is a free and a paid version and both come with browser plugins and even a download to work with MS Office. If this works as advertised it would be quite useful. Nothing replaces a professional editor for eBook work, but perhaps you could at least cut your costs a little by fixing what you can first.

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6 Ways Grammarly Can Improve Your Writing And Editing

Cause you don’t want your editor to need a red pencil this big.

We rarely see the errors in our own writing, which is why I’m a super fan of using professional editors to improve my own books.

But there are things we can do to improve the manuscript BEFORE sending it to an editor.

Grammarly is one of those useful tools that can sort out the basic errors, enabling you to improve your writing and learn as you go. It can also help with emails and online writing, where paying a pro editor isn’t cost effective.

Why consider a tool like Grammarly?

As indie authors, we are 100% responsible for producing books that are not only readable and entertaining / informative but also ones that are mistake-free. When readers are distracted by misspellings and grammatical errors their reading experience is going to suffer. And that means your reputation as an author is going to suffer as well.

The Kindle also has a function for readers to report typos and if you get too many of these in a book, you’re going to get a quality notification.

For this reason, we always want to use professional editors and proofreaders when we’re publishing our books. Nothing can replace the editing and proofreading of a human being, especially one who specializes in your genre.

However, the messier a manuscript is when you send it to a professional for proofreading or editing, the more it’s going to cost you to improve and fix.

This is where the online app, Grammarly, steps into the picture.



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