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Writing a heroic story? Then this infographic from Lifehack is a good place to start and has examples from popular epic adventures. You can follow the classic pattern or use it to bridge off of for your own amazing tale.

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Epic story line plot curve
Epic story line plot curve


The concept of the Hero’s Journey isn’t a new one–in fact, it’s as old as storytelling. The Hero’s Journey, known in literary circles as the Monomyth, is an archetypal plot structure that can be found at the core of stories across multiple genres and mediums.

1. What is the Hero’s Journey?

Think of your favorite story: does the protagonist face an obstacle? Do they experience a change in character or a shift in perspective? Then your favorite movie follows, at least to some extent, the Hero’s Journey.

There’s a reason for that: the Hero’s Journey is a plot structure that works. It centres on a protagonist overcoming a great obstacle and undergoing a profound change. Those driving forces of conflict resolution and change makes for a compelling plot where the readers/viewers root for the protagonist.

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