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Over on Helping Writers Become Authors, encourages us to actually finish writing our books. Which is apparently very useful information for a bunch of us, me included… Perhaps I should reread this article daily. Have you finished writing your novel? Congratulations and what are your tips?

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6 Tips to Help You Finish Your Book

May 1, 2016

111-1113tm-vector2-688by K.M. Weiland

Every time I hear about a writer finishing a book, I want to jump up and down and go into a gospel choir of Hallelujahs! It’s a momentous accomplishment for two reasons.

1. Finishing your book is the most important thing any writer will ever accomplish.

2. Not many writers do it.

Seriously. Depending on the source you examine, as much as 90% of the population wants to write a book. And many of those people will go so far as to actually begin writing something. But the percentage that actually finishes a book? Minuscule.

Why is that?

Easy. Writing a book is hard. Even dedicated writers like you and me find it hard to keep at it when the going gets rough on a story that just isn’t cooperating, for any number of reasons.

On Facebook, fantasy author Lee Diogeneia shared the results of a poll from her writing group:

Conquer 6 Obstacles and Finish Your Book

If the most important thing a writer can do is also one of the hardest–finish your book–then don’t you think it’s time you tackle some of the major obstacles standing between you and the finish line?

Let’s take a look at the six most common reasons writers drop their manuscripts–and how you can put habits in place to best every single one of them.

Obstacle #1: Discouragement

You know the drill. You wake up one morning, all bright-eyed and excited to be a writer–only to open your Scrivener file, look at your manuscript, and realize… this is complete rubbish.

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