Quick Link: 3 Tips for Seamless Scene Setting

Quick Link: 3 Tips for Seamless Scene Setting

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Today we travel to Writers In The Storm, where not only do they have a great blog name but Sonja Yoerg cheekily shares tips on using your environment to help bring depth to your character.

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Hikers at sunset3 Tips for Seamless Scene Setting

February 17th, 2016

Sonja Yoerg

Lost in Space. Remember that TV show? No? Sigh. It aired in the 60s and featured a family in Jiffy-Pop space suits roaming the galaxy in an attempt to return to Earth. I mention it because, as fun as that show was, you don’t want your characters lost in space. In fact, you want to pin them to a specific spot on the map, put them in a headlock and give them a noogie while you’ve got them there.

Settings aren’t just hang-outs for your characters. Let’s talk about ways to put your fictional places through their paces.

1. Relax your reader.

First and most obvious, readers will relax once they know where they are and what sort of a world to expect. Nail down the location with few accurate strokes and you’re one step closer to being able to lead your reader by the nose. (And that’s what you want, after all: dominion over readers!)

Unless the mystery of the setting is part of the story, it’s best to bang the stake in the ground right away. These words appear in the first paragraph of my latest novel, Middle of Somewhere: “Yosemite, wilderness, backpacking, adventure.” Yeah, I’m subtle like that.

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