American Idol for writers? Skrawl – a brand new world of collaborative storytelling…

Occasionally I get contacted by over excited people who want to share something totally awesome and new with me that will make everyone a lot of money. Since I am trying to keep this site indie and clean I usually say no.  But every once in a while, there is actually something cool that I think you will like.

Full disclosure – I am not making one penny off of this. This is a really awesome site that some of you might enjoy, and the people I have talked with seem super nice.

skrawl-large-0d29837054232cb9016716f8f30f6583So now that is out of the way, let me introduce you to is a collaborative and competitive group writing website. Users have the choice to enter into a writing competition based on a theme or topic, then the readers view the entries and vote on their favorite. The winner’s entry becomes a part of the story and that process continues until the story is finished. Writing styles can range from stories, scripts, articles and debates while breaking off into numerous categories from Action & Adventure to Fan-Fiction. It is free to enter, which is always nice. They also have “writing challenges” where you can win prizes, on top of bragging rights.

It looks like a great way to get some practice in, meet other writers, and possibly get some exposure. Plus you get to vote on your favorites to move up.  If anyone joins, could you come back and let us know how you like it and also give us a chance to root for you!

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